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  1. 200TB SAN/NAS for feature film

    This is great feedback from everyone. Thank you. Speaking of RAID pool, is that what storage spaces does? Is it a traditional RAID? And is there any benefit in putting in a hardware RAID card?
  2. 200TB SAN/NAS for feature film

    Thanks guys, https://ark.intel.com/products/120481/Intel-Xeon-Silver-4116-Processor-16_5M-Cache-2_10-GHz Thinking maybe this is the proc to go with. Get two of them. 2.1Ghz, 10 cores each. 85W (two would mean 170W, is that a heat/power concern?) Total server price minus drives would be $6333.
  3. 200TB SAN/NAS for feature film

    Cool. Thanks. What about windows to Red Hat? Not sure exact specs of Linux Kernel.
  4. 200TB SAN/NAS for feature film

    https://www.rackmountpro.com/product/2568/6049P-E1CR24H.html The server will only really be handling file copies, so part of this is what protocol is best for the kind of traffic I'm looking at, and whether clock speed or multiple cores is better. I can't get a clear sense of whether the CPU gets hit a lot with copies. And I'm really interested in a way of copying that has low overhead. Like for example, the way Aspera can deliver faster network transfers with dedicated UDP links instead of TCP. I might have this slightly wrong, so any help is appreciated.
  5. 200TB SAN/NAS for feature film

    Something like this perhaps? Disks seemed overpriced here, and it forced me to choose at least one. My main question will be CPU. There were over 40 CPU choices, and I really am out of the loop on CPUs so any guidance there would be helpful.
  6. 200TB SAN/NAS for feature film

    So, storage spaces is software RAID yeah? How is that comparing to a hardware RAID configuration? And would this be the type of server chassis to consider? Supermicro SuperChassis CSE-846BE1C-R1K28B 1280W 4U Rackmount Server Chassis (Black) $1677 on New Egg. How much would I need to spend on MB, CPU, RAM etc. ? I'm estimating then that I would need 24 x 10TB drives. Seagate Iron Wolf Drives are available in "4 packs" for $1,439.97 so $8639 for 24 Plus 3x 10 gig HBA's (should I consider 40gig?) 1x ATTO NS14 = $1495 2x ATTO NS12 = $995 $3485 for net adapters $13800 to this point. This leaves me roughly around 10K for MB, CPU, RAM, server OS HDD, and Software. What am I missing? Any recs on those last items? Sorry, I'm working this out as I post...:)
  7. 200TB SAN/NAS for feature film

    Hey Brian, I DM'ed you, but thought maybe this is a good topic for this board. So I understand better what you mean by white box, just a generic chassis. Why Windows Storage Spaces? So maybe a JBOD like SUPERMICRO CSE-847E16-RJBOD1 Black 4U Rackmount Server Chassis 1400W Redundant $2000 on New Egg Seagate IronWolf 6TB NAS Hard Drive 7200 RPM 128MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive ST6000VN0041 45 bays x 6TB ($200 each) = 270 raw TB for $9000 Then, I could use some help on the server spec side of things. I would assume I go SAS to JBOD and 10 or 40gig ethernet for client workstations. What network protocol would I use for clients? CIFS? Are there any products that offer tuning for high volume low IOPS workflows like mine? I've worked with products like MetaSAN and Stornext in the past. In my experience, 10gig ethernet can be great, but is problematic without proper tuning. Fibre channel with Stornext has been the most robust for me, but it's out of my price range.
  8. 200TB SAN/NAS for feature film

    Yeah DIY was my first thought on this project but I thought it was worth exploring vendors who do this full time, as I am not exactly a storage professional. Do you know any such 3rd tier vendors that are worth looking at? Thanks.
  9. Hello, Wondering if anyone can give some guidance on my storage needs for an upcoming film. I figure I need at least 176 TB of usable storage for the raw negative of the film. Each frame is 30MB. I will be copying files to the server from the cards, and simultaneously be reading the files on the server to render them into proxies using an attached workstation which would write those files back to the server. These will be larger quicktime or mxf files. I'm anticipating only needing two workstations (one linux, one windows) attached to the server, and considering that I may need a secondary storage tier for the proxies which the edit station will access so as not to compete too much with the bulk of the archiving and rendering process. This could just be onboard storage on the workstation. I'm looking for a solution around $25K. I'm hoping that the contained nature of this work will allow a cheaper solution to be viable, also bypassing the need for any fiber or 10gig switches and just going point to point on network cards (server would need 4port 10gig or fiber channel). Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. DC