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  1. reader50, thanks for your reply Nice informative answer to the trim and garbage collection, thank you! (I know because I've read on SSD's) and you would have too know something about them, to briefly say it as cohesively as you just did, thanks for that! In your post where it says: (When it comes time to modify contents in an internal block) 4th paragraph, 1st line. When is that time? Thanks Again Peace, dude1
  2. Never used any SSD's before! So may I ask, What activates/triggers trim and/or garbage collection? Is trim and garbage collection the same thing? Can either and/or both be controlled manually or adjusted in some way? The reason I ask is because I would like use SSD's in a Audio/Video production computer build but I'm concerned about Program/Erase Cycles. I think, I'd like to have a SSD dedicated for Video Editing and another SSD dedicated for Audio Recording and etc... (OS/Programs on separate SSD) Is this possible? If so, how would and/or should the drives be arranged/configured, setup? The drives that I have on hand now: SSD's = 3-Samsung 850 EVO 250GB and 1-Samsung 850 EVO 500GB. HDD's = 1- 4TB WD Black, 2-1TB WD Blacks and 4- 500GB WD Blacks (all 7200RPM) I know the SSD's aren't very big (250GB,500GB) but...? As far as Video footage goes nothing fancy, no 2K or 4K stuff video footage would be 1920x1080p Res., Bit Rate = 24Mbps, 30Fps, h.264 (little canon Vixia HF R600) Don't plan on being the next Universal Studios, etc... but still can't say how much Video footage I would be Loading/Editing on one of the SSD's per day, week, month, year, yada yada. As far as Audio, thought is SSD would have lower Latencies and increase Track Count, plus possibly SSD also good for Sample Drive (VST's)? Thanks in advance to all and appreciate all thoughts, advice and help!!! Peace, dude1