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    WD Black mobile 1TB is it heliodrive?

    I read somewhere that this capacity per inch is maximum physically allowed and higher capacity will be possible only with different technology (SMR, HAMR, helium), and, because this is 7200 rpm drive they can not put so many platters inside as for 5400 rpm due to heat - that's why I'm asking how this 1TB drive is made.Anyway today I read that is possible they changed sectors size from 512b to 4K, so maybe that is the reason (I did not verify this myself). So capacity of platter is the same, just logical arrange was changed (meaning there will be some lost on not fully used 4K sectors). SMR will dramatically lower performance, so I don't think it is SMR.About helium, helium is so light gas that it's penetrating metal, if you don't believe me ask any physicist. This is fact, but I don't know if this is issue or not with harddrives, that's why I'm asking (this is forum after all).
  2. HiCan anyone explain how WD Black Mobile 2.5" 1TB is created? Long time 750GB was physical maximum (as I read), now I see 1TB, it is still 9mm and actually quieter than 750GB. It uses helium? Coz I do not like helium drivers, helium will evaporate after time, so I prefer drivers without this technology (pity there is no database of which driver is helium and which is not).