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  1. So my HDN726040ALE614 has arrived and I've filled it 22%. My first HGST: HDN724040ALE640 is getting so full defraggler is throwing out complaints. Newer version (released Feb 2017) is faster with it dealing with smaller data files more quickly as seen at start of test. I took two tests of the first HGST (0S03665) with crystal diskmark as I thought 98% full was effecting the result. 2nd test with 76% full didn't change things much. The 0S04005 frankly blew it away in this test. All on small platform using latest drivers and run today. I'm off to Sorry I'm not sure how to do spoiler tags here for the attached images. Edit: I lied that ATTO on HGST was not run today (the one where I used ms paint to draw change a 10 into a 9), it was not run on the same volume either. It was run on H which is like 3.2Tb and I've rerun it on volume e which is 400Gb and the results are impressive. Maybe volume H needs its free space defragged. Attached the ATTO HGST 2017 E 23_08_2017.jpg result. I'm rerunning crystal disk mark on volume E (which btw is 89% full). Just noticed my crystal disk mark screenshots have no identifiying test. The first 2 are 0S03665 on volume H and the 3rd is 0S04005, the last one is 0S03665 again this time on volume E which for some reason benches higher than volume H. Just did test: UserBenchmarks: Game 58%, Desk 93%, Work 60% CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K - 98.4% GPU: AMD R9 280X - 53.1% SSD: Samsung 850 Evo 250GB - 105.1% HDD: Hitachi HDN726040ALE614 4TB - 105.8% HDD: HGST Deskstar NAS 4TB - 52.8% HDD: WD Green 2TB (2011) - 54.7% HDD: WD WD10EACS-00ZJB0 1TB - 44.6% USB: SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 64GB - 33.9% USB: SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 32GB - 80% RAM: HyperX Savage DDR3 2400 C11 2x8GB - 89.3% MBD: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 5
  2. SgtSixpack

    10TB WD Black alternative?

    Well I've come across the same situation of a non-bootable OS when I remove the SATA cable or even just swap cables round. I believe windows will find the first disk and put its boot sector? on it and then carry on installing the OS to the drive you chose. As I said above if you install the OS with nothing else connected (either physical cable unplug or bios disable of sata channel) then the boot sector? is always on the same drive as the OS was installed. This doesn't stop you using easyBCD to have a list of OS to choose from after the bios screen. If you install like this you shouldn't find a problem booting into windows from the OS disk with a corrupt disk which is not the OS disk still plugged in. I'm not saying making a windows PE USB flash drive is unnecessary.
  3. SgtSixpack

    10TB WD Black alternative?

    Well firstly if you can get into the OS then I think this thread has you covered: I've created a windows 7 image from this thread using nLite, I intergrated drivers and all the current w7 updates at the time of creation: Its doable but takes some spare time. Worth it for peace of mind. Although personally I have multiple installs of w7 (use the one on SSD, easyBCD can create a boot menu to chose OS drive (tangent install each OS as a single drive so it is bootable as a single drive not needing files stored on another disk)), and a DVD-RW copy but no backup on USB stick. I think if you got into trouble just ask in that thread, that forum has a very capable admin and users for this topic. As a side note, there is a program to batch download updates to 7,8 or 10 and then you just copy them to the correct directory and follow the guide. Nowadays USB would be the go to cause I'm sure not every pc comes with a DVD drive. Edit: I'm confident you will find win PE as an option within nLite, also there is the opportunity to silently install programs i.e. HD tune. I never knew HD tune was more than a benching program. Edit2: Your problem of " one of my PC's can't run anything newer than 8.1, the other can't run anything newer than 7 " will probably be unraveled by the good peeps on this forum. If I had to take an educated guess I would be looking at getting the right intel RST(e) drivers (assuming you're not on an AMD machine). Have a look here (to get the most up to date windows patches before you install): Edit (above link might be a bit of a chore this video maybe better, can't say either way as I'm in the process of doing it myself) :
  4. SgtSixpack

    10TB WD Black alternative?

    Why is it important to a have a DOS based utility? If its a case of needing to run tests on a unformatted single drive pc then a bootable USB flash drive with an operating system on and the bios set to boot from it should do the trick.
  5. SgtSixpack

    Oldest Hard Drive that is still working

    Got a WD1200 120Gb IDE hard drive in a clear plastic box in front of me, no smart data manufacture date 22 May 2003. I also have a 500Gb seagate ST3500641AS which is in my rig till the new 4Tb HGST comes. I've only got space for 4 if I take the 2nd bay out for airflow (think I lost some rails for it). It has 2936d 7 h 1395 power cycles and smart says its in its death throws. Its got slow and noisy but its basically been idle except for a spare OS install. 8.06 years of power on. My 2nd oldest is a 1Tb WD WD10EACS with 2808 power on days, 7.7 years. I've got a 2Tb WD20EARS with 2335 days and 615,485 load/unload counts ( ran wdidle3.exe either turn off head parking or make it 3 mins before doing it ). You can see below how few LLC have accrued themselves after I ran wdidle3; and how many more errors on the seagate between 2015-2017. Also got failing seagate to run ATTO bench:
  6. SgtSixpack

    10TB WD Black alternative? That is the only 10Tb drive HGST make according to this:
  7. SgtSixpack

    Age of newly purchased disks

    Scan are out of stock of HGST drives now. I bought a OSO4005 which is in the post, but its the newer version of OSO3665, one of which I have already. I was looking for an identical drive to the one I have but amazon suggested a similar drive and it was a no brainer, newer version + double the 64Mb cache of older one.
  8. SgtSixpack

    reliable 4tb internal drive 3.5 I have a OSO3665 and just bought the newest version OSO4005, both 4Tb size. Newer one has 128Mb cache. I had a choice of buying a recertified WD blue for £102 but got this for £126 (old version was £124) all on amazon. I think a review of the new drive which appeared in Feb 2017 according to userbenchmarks wouldn't be out of place.