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  1. Just PM'ed you a list of IPs that were assigned to me.
  2. Hi Brian, I'm able to access the website without VPN now. Thanks for checking. I hope that bad behavior doesn't happen again.
  3. Hey Storagereview. For a number of months now I've not been able to access the website when I am given a 198.27.x.x IP address from my ISP. I'm currently posting through my ISP's VPN service and can access it if I am given a 50.1.x.x IP address from my ISP. I've talked to my ISP support and they haven't found anything odd on their end so I'm posting here to see if a block of IP address has been accidentally blocked from your side? Here is my thread I posted on my ISP's forums about the issue for further details. https://forums.sonic.net/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=4520&sid=3a48650164d037aea7c4bb34561da35f