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    Off roader anyone?

    As the title stated; any off roader enthusiast here in the forum? Please do share your projects and adventures. What upgrade and modification have you done with your vehicles? I myself have a Jeep Wrangler with moto metal wheels, 3-inch lift kit, ARB bumper, and winch. So whats yours?
  2. So I picked this one; I hope I made a good decision....
  3. By the way, In the list, that continuum shared, what brand and model would be the best buy?
  4. Wow thanks continuum for sharing this link.
  5. How much would it cost nowadays for a 4TB HDD?
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    Ah ok, thanks, reader50!
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    Hello everyone, I'm just new here. I'm not really sure if I posted this thread of mine in the right sections, but any how pardon my ignorance for I'm still getting the hang of it.
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    Please explain what you meant reader50.
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    What do you mean reader50?