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  1. Thanks for the replies guys.


    Totally agree re: FAS and NetApp as a company.  Reason for ditching FAS is firstly, budget constraint and also because the plan is to migrate CIFS shares from NetApp to a windows file server (as we have Quest Auditor licensing for this).


    All-flash is nice and relatively cheap these days, but my budget is about half that :-(


    @Brian am I right in thinking that the later MSA firmware has auto tiering for data as well as SSD caching?





  2. Hi All,


    I've got a HP G7 2 node cluster running on NetApp FAS just now.  The site is not compute intensive, with some licence servers, AD, Printer, DNS, etc, and Exchange.  However, they have a relatively large storage requirement - approx. 12TB and it needs to be fast (not all-flash fast, but responsive).  


    I'm contemplating renewing this with G9 hosts directly attached with 10G iScsi using either an HP MSA 2042 or NetApp E-2724.  Both are almost identical commercially.


    They seem fairly similar, although the MSA offers more drive compatibility and uses re-direct on write.  Both specs have SSD cache.


    Anyone have any input?