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  1. Decide how much I need

    Thanks, Brian I ended up getting a 256GB SSD from Samsung, given the budget I have: https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-850-PRO-2-5-Inch-MZ-7KE256BW/dp/B00LMXBOP4/ref=sr_1_10?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1500327990&sr=1-10&keywords=SSD Regarding moving my old data to my new drive, I've read about Samsung's data migration software. Does that mean I can copy my entire old drive to the new SSD (with some edges cut for the smaller size)? I've heard I don't even need to reinstall windows, but is that "safe" just to transfer using a software? I'm worried about data loss or corruption.
  2. Decide how much I need

    Sorry for the lack of info in the first post, should have clarified more... I'm currently using an old Dell desktop with a 512GB hard drive. Because of some change in my work environment, I'll have to move my main workstation to my home PC, so I'll probably need a hardware overhaul. I've been looking at computer parts myself, but I need more advise on storage solutions... I've heard that SSDs are fast but storage size is small. I've seen a lot of 120GB SSDs on the market, but I wonder if 120GB is enough for my essential files and the OS. I understand that I can store a lot of big files on other drives, but I still want to store files that I access the most (like programs?) on my faster SSD drive. Without previous experience, I really don't know how much is "enough" for practical daily use. What do people typically get these days? And is that enough or people usually need to expand SSD storage? Sorry for asking seemingly dumb questions, but any advice from a typical user is really helpful.
  3. Seems there is none new member here

    Eyy Im new here from Canada. Nice to meet you all. been a month tho since the last comment XD
  4. I am planning to buy a new computer but I am wondering how much storage I really need. Can someone plz help me figure it out?