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    Micron 5100 MAX SSD Review Discussion

    What about price to performance comparison? (SATA) Micron MAX 5100 1.92TB is $1,179 (SAS) Toshiba HK4R 1.92 TB is $3,885 (SAS) Seagate 1200.2 1.92TB is $3,169 (SAS) Toshiba PX04SMB160 1.6TB is $3,675 I believe for a 1.92TB with very decent write endurance SSD, I would bet my regular/bursty workload data on it. The Intel SATA SSDs with 0.3x to 1x DPWD are complete garbage. Additionally, comparing SAS with SATA SSD is definitely not a fair comparison. Sources (quick google search): - http://www.thinkmate.com/product/micron/mtfddak1t9tcc-1ar1zabyy - http://www.disctech.com/Toshiba-THNSN81Q92CSE-1-92TB-SATA-eSSD - http://www.disctech.com/Seagate-ST1920FM0023-1-92TB-1920GB-SAS-Solid-State-Drive - http://www.disctech.com/Toshiba-PX04SMB160-1-6TB-SAS-Solid-State-Drive