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  1. Hi, Kindly excuse, if this question has been asked in this forum in the past. This review mentions the below snippet... ************************************************************Application Workload Analysis The P3608 didn't have enough capacity to run 4x SQL VMs, so it was excluded from SQL Server benchmarking. If Intel sends a larger card in the future we will benchmark it for SQL and ammend this section of the review. With that said, our application benchmark consists of a Percona MySQL OLTP database measured via SysBench. This test measures average TPS (Transactions Per Second), average latency, as well as average 99th percentile latency. Percona and MariaDB are using the Fusion-io flash-aware application APIs in the most recent releases of their databases, although for the purposes of this comparison we test each device in their "legacy" block-storage modes. ***************************************************** Was the SysBench OLTP test done with 4 MySQL VMs ?