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  1. If anyone would like to give them a look-over, we have also updated our data sheets with information about the new SkyHawk AI drives here.
  2. While we can't speak specifically as to 3rd party head-to-head type benchmarking like you are interested in, one big thing with comparing the BarraCuda Pro and IronWolf Pro is use-case. Spec-wise, there are a lot of similarities between the two, they're both rated for up to 300TB of data per year, both come with a 5 year warranty + 2 free years of Rescue Services, both can handle 24x7 type environments, both have 256 MB cache in the new 12TB capacities. Getting the most out of your drive(s) depends on having the right drive for that environment. If your needs are more in a creative desktop environment, then the BarraCuda Pro is going to be a better fit. The reason the IronWolf Pro wouldn't be as ideal of a fit in desktop environments is that the firmware on the drives is engineered for these drives to excel when working in NAS/server type environments as members of RAID teams, and some of the subtleties of this mean things like the drive not as aggressively pursuing some errors, figuring they can just pass it on to the next drive in the RAID array for faster performance, versus a desktop drive like the BarraCuda Pro which is more likely to aggressively correct these errors because it isn't intended to be used in the same way. If your needs are more oriented towards the NAS or server type use, then the IronWolf Pro would be a much better fit. IronWolf Pro drives are rated for enclosures with up to 16 drives, so they are more cost-effective from a perspective of needing to add more drives or storage capacity at a later time. The vibrational considerations of NAS/server environments are heavily considered when NAS drives are designed, desktop grade drives like the BarraCuda Pro just don't have the same protections against performance issues and vibrations causing wear-down or issues with drives in these numbers because they aren't meant for these kinds of environments. IronWolf Pro drives come with built in RV (Rotational Vibration) sensors. We generally advocate two rules: 1. Always choose the right type of drive for the given application or use-case 2. Always back up your data.
  3. The Pro version of the IronWolf also comes with a longer warranty (5 years) and 2 years of Rescue Services. We have updated our data sheets to reflect the new 12TB model portfolio for the BarraCuda Pro, IronWolf, and IronWolf Pro if anyone would like to look over the specs. We have also done some updating to our IronWolf Health Management (IHM for 12TB is still in-the-works) page to add more details and also to include ASUSTOR (ASUS' NAS storage division) enclosures compatible with IHM in addition to the compatible Synology enclosures list we have.
  4. Seagate BarraCuda Pro 12TB Review Discussion

    From the spec sheet, the drive falls under the same drive acoustic ratings as the 4TB, 6TB, 8TB and 10TB models of the BarraCuda Pro, with a typical idle of 2.8 bels (3.0 idle max), and a typical seek of 3.2 bels (3.4 seek max).
  5. Here is a link to the official press release, and a prototype image of the 64TB SSD if anybody would like to check it out.
  6. HDD or SSHD for laptop

    Thank you for pointing this out to us! We value feedback like this, which will be taken into consideration towards future product development. Seagate Technology | Official Forums Team
  7. HDD or SSHD for laptop

    Hey, Adrian. This is the Official Seagate Forums Team. We noticed you are not sure whether to buy a hard disk drive or a solid-state drive in order to upgrade your system performance. One benefit of a Solid State Hybrid Drive is that it will, in some ways, combine the best of both worlds between a standard spinning hard disk drive and a flash solid state drive, at a more friendly price point. SSHDs have a SSD cache, usually somewhere in the area of 8GB, it learns what files and information are accessed by you more frequently, and places them in the SSD cache so that these load up faster and give you better performance, but at a more affordable price because the whole disk is not solid-state. This seems like a good compromise of the different factors you're looking for here. Seagate FireCuda SSHDs may be something to look into here. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! Seagate Technology | Official Forums Team IronWolf Drives for NAS Applications SkyHawk Drives for Surveillance Applications BarraCuda Drives for PC and Gaming
  8. NAS vs Surveillance drive on HTPC

    Hi, amp323. This is the official Seagate Forums Team. In the end, it will be up to you to decide which product best fits your needs, considerations, and price point, but we would like to offer some input on your questions regarding whether a NAS product or surveillance product would be better for your use case. You mentioned that one of the main uses for your drive which you are replacing is going to be for DVR use/storage. The primary benefit of a surveillance drive such as Seagate's SkyHawk series, for example, is that it is built and optimized for constantly writing, if you are going to be doing something along the lines of recording roughly 90% of the time and playing back video the other 10%, this is what these type of drives excel at. A NAS drive on the other hand, such as Seagate's IronWolf series, is optimized for high performance in environments where it is important that information be readily accessible as quickly as possible, such as in a cloud environment or a home network in a NAS storage solution so that multiple users/devices can have quick, reliable access to centralized information. It is optimized to be constantly up and running at a moment's notice, and to be used in RAID boxes. If you would like more in-depth information on this, feel free to visit: Seagate Technology | Official Forums Team