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    Dell 0K1TV Adaptec ASR-78165

    After fighting with this for an afternoon and chatting with Dell CS across 5 levels, the solution is not to worry and to just take the adaptec 78165 driver from their website. The cards are no different at all. If the card is not recognized its due to slot incompatibility or such issues but not because of an incorrect driver.
  2. MacPara

    Dell 0K1TV Adaptec ASR-78165

    I ran into one of those cards my self. Says it's a Dell KT1V and looks exactly like an adaptec 78165. Adaptec confirmed it's a OEM card made for Dell but my problem is that despite it working ok in my ASUS Sabertooth board with UEFI bios and legacy BIOS support, I cannot seem to find a driver to operate it under Windows 10. The adaptec driver does not work and I cannot find anything on Dell's website that relates to a KT1V. I might have to sell the card and get an LSI if I cannot solve this. Any idea where to get a driver for this thing?