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    Swap Hard Drives - Veeam Backup

    Hi Kevin, Thank you for the information. Is it difficult to delete and set up new datastores? If you have any helpful links that would be terrific. I was hoping i could just power down, pull out the current HD's and insert the new ones and run through set up but sounds as though it is much more complicated than that. Thanks again for the info!
  2. plstech

    Swap Hard Drives - Veeam Backup

    HI Kevin, First thanks for the fast response. I believe it is formatted as a datastore with Veeam VM loaded onto ( See attachment) I have not done alot with the backup or servers other than basic troubleshooting. It is 3 Esxi servers with 7 VM's on 2 of them ( print server, file server, Domain controllers,etc.) On the third esxi server it is solely for Veeam,
  3. Hello All! Fairly new to things here and still trying to get my footing. When i started at my workplace previous admin set up 3 HP Proliant DL360 Gen 9 Esxi 6.0 servers. At the time budget was an issue so they put 8 - 300GB 10K SAS Hard Drives in. VM's were set up on the three servers with one dedicated to Veeam Backup. Now space has become an issue and we have purchased 8 1TB 7.2K SAS hard drives to swap out. I am having difficulty finding information online for the procedure to swap out all the drives. I believe the Veeam setup information is stored on the 100GB RAM and that just all the VM Backups are stored on the Drives. I want to be able to do this without minimum time down and without losing any data. Thanks in advance!