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  1. Try imgur or gyazo, both free and unlikely to turn on you like photobucket
  2. Below is the ibbu08 (I don't have the ibbu07 online). The charge never really goes above 50-60%, despite reporting higher capacity and only 9 cycles (two weeks ago it said 6 cycles, hmm). I got this ibbu08 unit off ebay as used, not new, for about $25 (this one The ibbu07 was saying something like 500mAh full charge capacity, so that one is really dying, and it's the one I want to try replacing. BBU status for Adapter: 0 BatteryType: iBBU08 Voltage: 3890 mV Current: 0 mA Temperature: 33 C Battery State: Optimal Design Mode : 48+ Hrs retention with a non-transparent learn cycle and moderate service life. BBU Firmware Status: Charging Status : None Voltage : OK Temperature : OK Learn Cycle Requested : No Learn Cycle Active : No Learn Cycle Status : OK Learn Cycle Timeout : No I2c Errors Detected : No Battery Pack Missing : No Battery Replacement required : No Remaining Capacity Low : No Periodic Learn Required : No Transparent Learn : No No space to cache offload : No Pack is about to fail & should be replaced : No Cache Offload premium feature required : No Module microcode update required : No BBU GasGauge Status: 0x0180 Relative State of Charge: 69 % Charger System State: 1 Charger System Ctrl: 0 Charging current: 0 mA Absolute state of charge: 58 % Max Error: 0 % Battery backup charge time : 48 hours + BBU Capacity Info for Adapter: 0 Relative State of Charge: 69 % Absolute State of charge: 58 % Remaining Capacity: 871 mAh Full Charge Capacity: 1270 mAh Run time to empty: Battery is not being charged. Average time to empty: 1 Hour, 45 Min. Estimated Time to full recharge: Battery is not being charged. Cycle Count: 9 BBU Design Info for Adapter: 0 Date of Manufacture: 05/30, 2013 Design Capacity: 1500 mAh Design Voltage: 4100 mV Specification Info: 0 Serial Number: 1198 Pack Stat Configuration: 0x0000 Manufacture Name: LS36691 Firmware Version : Device Name: bq27541 Device Chemistry: LION Battery FRU: N/A Transparent Learn = 0 App Data = 0 BBU Properties for Adapter: 0 Auto Learn Period: 28 Days Next Learn time: Tue May 23 11:31:40 2017 Learn Delay Interval:0 Hours Auto-Learn Mode: Enabled BBU Mode = 5 Exit Code: 0x00
  3. Neither reports a defective battery. It's just that the capacity has decreased a lot, holding little charge. The ibbu07 was at about 10% (reporting 300+ cycles) while the ibbu08 is hovering around 50% (despite reporting only 6 cycles). I wanted to a try a new battery that I have lying around, which doesn't costs me anything apart from a little fiddling time. For the eprom programmer, I guess you also need a converter from soic to dip. I'll try without any of those to see if it works. I'm hoping it will work, especially if I use an identical but new battery.
  4. I have both the 07 and 08 models, the former with a 1350mAh (orignally) and the latter with 1500mAh (originally). I'll post results. I could discharge the replacement battery to the same level that the original battery is before swapping the two. Hopefully it will recharge. We'll see. It'll be a while before I try these tests as I'm busy nowadays (unless I get really curious about it). I take it that you used an eeprom programmer and a new eeprom chip on yours? how much did those cost you?
  5. Hmm, but even if that's the case, a relearning cycle should bring it to a usable state. I have a few 3.7v Li-Ion batteries lying around and I think I'll give it a try. Apart from time, I have nothing to lose.
  6. @Gabriel V and others: do you axctually have to change anything in the firmware in order to replace just the battery? If I unsolder the older one and put back a Li-Ion 3.7v 1350mAh (original capacity), shouldn't that just work? There are no other wires to the battery apart form the +/- ... what am I missing? I found the same US503759 A8H for purchase elsewhere quite cheaply and was thinking of getting one.