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  1. It may very well be ahead it's time, but certainly customers must appreciate the upgrade path. I'm of the opinion that this technology will start to reshape OEM GTMs over the next 18 mos and large investments in AFAs that can't seamlessly move into NVMe will become essentially hybrid-esque "just good enough", which isn't necessarily bad for wider adoption, but those same customers could be more prone to HCI given the even greater cost sensitivity. It'll be interesting to say the least. And indulge me for one final point: let us not be so naive to believe Pure's brutal stock price is indicative of an unsuccessful business model or product - that's amateur stuff. A more diligent approach is reviewing rev growth, R&D, strategy for profitability, and overall what are the losses producing; no different to HCI and others (e.g. Nutanix and its major Px swings). Otherwise it sounds like competing FUD with a shaky base. First post, but long time technologist. Thanks for the forum.