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  1. Thanks Brian. Leaning toward this or a small form factor since I'm moving my stuff in to my living room. I intend to put a monitor, keyboard and mouse on my standing height desk behind my sofa and tuck the new computer between my sofa and side table. I will use it mostly for Photoshop, audio editing and general use. As long as it's fairly quiet and doesn't heat up like an oven I will be satisfied.
  2. Has anyone other than the reviewer tried one of the Z2s out yet? I'm anxious to hear how hot and noisy it might be? I'm considering this or a small form factor to replace my aging self built workstation. Due to other issues I intend to have whatever I end up buying in my living room instead of my office so noise is going to be a consideration. The review here didn't really get into the heat/noise factors. Thanks in advance for any replies.