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  1. Yeah, i will check with it. Thanks for your suggestions.....
  2. Sure, searching for a good recovery centre........
  3. Suggest me any video links in youtube, that has how recovered files look like?
  4. Is recovery possible in my case? Tell me in percentage out of 100%.... pls.......
  5. I can't digest it. Okay..... if i need only the particular files from the drive, shall i recover it? Or they check the availability of recovering and get ALL those files recovered? How recovery cost is differ?
  6. Is there any possibilities to make THIS hard drive work again? Can't they make this hard drive work again or they only can recover the files from this drive and give it as a new copy?
  7. Thanks for your reply. I already took it to the service centre and they are telling "recovery is the only way" without open the hard drive. The reason they are telling is, "only recovery centre professionals will open the hard drive". So i thought how they came to this decision? May be there is a problem with header, or any other with the internal parts(i don't know). And they are telling that we should not open the hard drive, orelse when we are going to recovery centres they would not accept our hard drive to repair it. What do i do now? Shall i open and check (just a glimpse)?
  8. Hi, i am having a WD 500 GB desktop internal hard drive. Few days ago it was fell down in the floor (from 1 feet distance). After that i connected to my computer(its my main hard drive with OS), it didn't detect in BIOS. The hard drive gets power and run with a clicking sound. After 2 or 3 minutes, it stops running. When again i start the computer same thing happens. What i need to know is... Is there any option i can go for, apart from recovery, becos i need the data in it. Recovery cost is very much high, though i am not considering it. Give me any suggestions, becos i need the data..... pls help