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  1. Hello, The first of all greet, since I am new to the forum. I have several controllers adaptec 6405 and 6405E. These controllers are implemented in Esxi 6 servers, version update 2. (kernel build 3620759) We have installed the version of maxviewstorage v2.02.22404 in ESXI. the arcconf, and the arc cim provider. The controller used is adaptec scsi-aacraid the Adaptec Web site. The BIOS version of the Adaptec controller is 19198 When we entered the console ESXI not shown in the health status of the controller We can not loggin in Maxview storage portal, the error is ocurred Internal error. After a few minutes, the system fails displaying a purple screen dump It happens with Maxview systems from version 2.x, If you install version 1.8 we have no problems, but does not update data in real time from MaxView. Is there anyone who has been able to install new adaptec drivers for maxview ver 2 and it works? greeting