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  1. Hello Everyone and good day J I'm trying to decide between two ssd drives I Adding an images of this 2 One is "SanDISK SSD PLUS MODEL SDSSDA-240GB SATA 6G/s " THE OTHER IS " SanDISK X300s SD7SB3Q-256G -1006 " i have a couple of Questions 1) Which one is better ? And newer ? 2) If I connect them to pc the one with 240GB show only 223GB and the one with 256GB Show me 238GB It’s a 15GB Difference in Capacity storage IN THIS CASE What you recommended ? 3) they both sata III (3) ? if no , its Critical difference between sata 3 and sata 2 ??? 4) I plan to used the ssd drive with adapter cable usb Directly to computer like an External Hardisk to backup some files and stuff it a good idea ? USB adapter connection speed will not fall down? 5) Maybe After a while I'll use it to connect internal hard drive for the operation system so which one better for two cases I appreciate your help and want to Thanks in advance everyone