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  1. Since the last entry on this was in 2012, I wanted to update the thread and relay that Western Digital is still trying their best to get out of their warranty obligations. I had two drives purchased at the exact same time at Microcenter, about a year ago. They have both failed (as has every other Western Digital drive I've ever purchased) and so I went to the WD website to check on the warranties and obtain RMA's. Even though they were purchased at the same time and are the same model, one was listed as in-warranty and one was out-of-warranty. When I tried to register the one that they stated was in-warranty (as you probably know, WD requires you to "register" their products before you can obtain warranty info), after I had entered all of the information, they came back with a message that they declined to register the drive, as the warranty had been voided because this was an OEM drive sold as a PC component and wasn't warranted by WD. That is 100% not true, The only option they gave was to call them, and I did so but hung up in disgust after waiting some 20 minutes on hold with no end in sight. While I have always had pretty horrible luck with EVERY brand of hard drive, WD seems to fail more than most and their customer service is repugnant. I have bought my last WD drive. I'm just going to throw these two in the garbage and consider it a harsh lesson.