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  1. Very well. I'll try it out and if it doesn't work I guess its back to the drawing board. Thanks for the reply.
  2. I have been looking for a wifi system that will work at my mom's house for years. She lives in the Dominican Republic and houses there are made of blocks and concrete. So as you can imagine, wifi range isn't exactly reliable. Anywhere beyond 40 feet makes the signal unstable and prone to dropping because it has to go through multiple solid walls. Currently, I found a "hack" where I connect a router to her cable box's ethernet port, but this lead to having five different networks across the house. SSIDs which end up having interference between each other and having to be on the lookout for which router provides the best signal and speed. I have tried extenders, but I have ended up buying around 4 of them over the past two years because of either failure rate or crap performance while also having the same problem as with the current setup, having to be conscious of what network you're on. I have even tried using the same network name for the routers, but that ends up giving IP address issues in the long run. Would a system like this be a viable option for a house like this?
  3. Was considering that but I have an HTPC using Plex already which is on mostly 24/7 already because I use it with a cable card. After reading some more reviews I'm vexed on whether I should get a PR/EX4100 or the DS916+. Then again, I mainly need a NAS for storage and not much else but I'm guessing future proofing the DS916+ would be better?
  4. Hello everyone, I need to replace a bad drive on my HTPC and was wondering what my best option would be? I was thinking of a NAS drive because of the 24/7 a=feature but then saw the new surveillance drives and was wondering if these were better for my usage. I mainly use the HTPC for DVR purposes with WMC and the occasional web browsing. The OS is on a separate SSD and the drive I need to replace is mainly for DVR and media storage. Thanks for any response.
  5. Hello! Thanks for your reviews! I'm looking into buying my first NAS and I'm tempted by the simplicity of WD vs the others in the market. I read your reviews on the EX4100 and PR4100 and was wondering what you would recommend for a home user. I mainly want it for backup and expanding my storage capacities, maybe some media streaming but no need for any real transcoding. I have all my videos in 1080p for now since 4K still feels too costly. I don't think I'd really need Plex since I have a HTPC running WMC which streams all of my media throughout the house so again, I think I won't need transcoding. So would you say the EX4100 is a better buy for a home user while the PR4100 is more for, as it says in the product documentation, creative professionals? Or is the PR4100 enough of an upgrade to warrant me paying extra for it? Again, thanks for your comprehensive reviews.