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  1. Hi, I've currently got a MegaRAID 9271-4i controller with a large Raid10 array of HDDs on it. I'd like to upgrade it to an array of SSDs. The simplest way would seem to be to replace the drives in the raid one by one and allow it to reconstruct in between, but unfortunately my controller doesn't allow mixing of SSD and HDD drives in the same LD: [root@ash-ketchum ~]# MegaCli -AdpAllInfo -a0 | grep -i mix Allowed Mixing: Mix in Enclosure Allowed Mix of SAS/SATA of HDD type in VD Allowed Allow Mixed Redundancy on Array : No Allowed Device Type : SAS/SATA Mix Allow Mix in Enclosure : Yes Allow HDD SAS/SATA Mix in VD : Yes Allow SSD SAS/SATA Mix in VD : No Allow HDD/SSD Mix in VD : No This limits my options somewhat. There isn't enough physical space on the backplane to create a new array of SSDs and copy the data across. So, I'm thinking that my options are to: a: build up a new computer with a new adapter and the SSDs, copy the data over a network and then take the SSDs out and put them in the other server, or b: replace the RAID card in the server with one that supports mixed SSD/HDD in the same LD. c: just destroy the array and create a new one, restore from backup I would much prefer b as it would result in much less downtime - restoring from backup would take a long time as each VM stored on the array is backed up individually - but I can't find a product matrix (or similar) anywhere that tells me whether a card supports SSD/HDD mixing or not. I'm also unsure how compatible my foreign config would be between different brands of RAID card, or if I have to stick with Megaraid. Anyone have experience of a Megaraid card that *does* allow SSD/HDD mixing in the same LD, or can offer any advice on other ways to accomplish my goal?