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  1. In the echostream review, I see you even have a link to a review of Syncro itself (8/14/2014). Although a bit dated, it gives all the particulars. Thanks for pointing them out. Guess I should have just dumped in Syncro in your search field! I have a lot of experience in IBM/Lenovo's entry level SAN the V3700. Gen 1 has a lot of performance bottlenecks, some imposed, some not. Fits our mold for 2-3 hosts with mixed workload. Gen 2 just got released, but no customers bite off just yet. Would love to see your take on the Storwize V series (V3700/V5000/V7000). For now.. Just waiting for "good" SDS to trickle down into my market. Looks like it is gonna be a while. Thanks for the reply! -Kyle
  2. I could just spit out my question first, and probably get the answer. Without an introduction and a little soap box time, I would be pretty lame! First off, let me get a couple of things out there: 1. Brand new here. Heyy! Hai! 2. I work as an engineer in the SMB space. Designing on-premise, private cloud, whatever fits the need, etc. 3. I have a couple of biases, or accurate observations. Eye of the beholder, I suppose. - FC is dead/dying/overpriced/bloated/etc... - Hyper Convergence is the wave of the future. Operative word being future. - Dell/EMC merger sure does look like an abomination right now. - Most of the big vendors are drug dealers. First hit is "free", but hold onto your knickers when you want to upgrade and/or renewals show up. That should cover most background questions. I have a question coming... Lots of my customers follow the path... Step 1. OS on bare metal; Step 2. multiple OSes on single hypervisor host; Step 3. multi-OSes on multi-host on DAS; and 90% don't grow past that. My question falls mostly in the Step 3 arena, with focus on storage. Background of where the need arises: Usually I would start with an entry level SAN, but in that hybrid DAS environment. AKA not 3-tier (Hosts->switches->SAN). There are plenty of manufacturers of entry level SAN/DAS that fit this description. So I want to tweeze apart, and insert a need that might exist, but is currently forced into entry level SAN/DAS. To create the ability to have shared storage, to allow for some form of High Availability, without the external storage. This sounds like vSAN/HC, but bare with me. Onto the question. The best way to frame it would be pointing out a piece meal parts of a solution that I don't quite understand, and see if it rings any bells. I'm looking at something that LSI (Now Avago/Broadcom) called Syncro Shared Storage. ( It does somehow appear to be something in between the existing DAS and hyper-convergence. I've seen hints at other ones (DataOn?), but Avago's website seems to be the most coherent, that doesn't appear have any kind of links to OEM offerings. Can someone shed some more light on this tech? Maybe show it in a packaged up format? Am I right in thinking that this "Syncro Shared Storage" is somewhere lost in the middle of existing tech (DAS/SAN and emerging tech (vSAN/HC) for my market space? Maybe I'm just barking up the wrong tree completely? Thanks for reading my novel, baring with incoherence, and for hopefully answering my questions! -Kyle