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  1. Is it true that surveillance drives do not verify writes? This is to give them higher write performance under high loads. I read an article that stated that this resulted in just a single frame of error now and then as opposed to seconds or more of video being lost in the event of write errors where the write had to be redone - which if already maxed out would mean that data would overrun a buffer. Plus, the sata interface supported streaming commands for surveillance drives.
  2. Nathan, whatever you buy can you report back on how it went? As much I the 3.5 inch drives have capacity, vibration noise is the killer for me too. The 2.5 inch market has stalled sadly, but I'm hopeful that an announcement is just around the corner.
  3. nasman

    Seagate 2.5inch NAS

    Thanks continuum, write speed isn't important luckily and neither is read speed much. So long as I'm reading/writing at 80 MB/s minimum sequential. Random isn't an issue either. My usage is as a Plex server mostly. Although I store family videos/photos. Having optical media backups in place so data loss would just be a huge time wasting inconvenience. There aren't many people who have used smr drives in raid so I'm curious if they'll work. All the fears over lack of TLER haven't proven to be an issue but then my driver's are still fairly young at 18-24 months old and very light usage. I keep them running 24/7 though. They've had about 20 cold boots. The Samsung/Seagate 2TB drives had head parking disabled as they were clocking up rapidly. Anyone successfully disabled head Parking on these large capacity smr drives?
  4. I've been running 1TB WD RED 2.5 and 2TB Samsung 2.5 inch laptop drivers in separate RAID6 configs quite successfully for 18 months. I've out grown my storage and am looking at 12x Seagate 5TB 2.5 drives. Has anyone experience of these in a raid config?