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  1. Thanks for your advice. Overall, after having done a lot of searching and forum questioning, I'm still somewhat confused about selecting files. But I have refomatted the disk and I have figured out how I want this thing to run as a backup for my hard drive so that it won't fill up so rapidly. I was running it on "continuous," and what this did was to keep copies of old files and their edits. So, I now have "snapshot" set which means that when I want to backup, I do it manually once a week (unit is off at all other times,) and this should significantly reduce the huge number of duplicates that were in the backup file. Actually, I've gone from about 95% full to 5% full...
  2. First, let me say that I'm somewhat surprised that it took 75 viewers to get one response??? Anyway, I'm using the Dashboard software that came with the external drive. And, it is this external drive that is my backup for my computer.
  3. Windows 10 64-bits. My Seagate Backup + Slim 2TB is almost full (been using Personal and continuous) and I'm thinking that I have just too much stuff on it, so I want to start over and pick the files/folders I want to save. 1. I'd like to clean the backup's drive in order to start over. Will simple reformatting the drive do it? I think it will, but not sure how to appreciated here. 2. I think I will have a problem specifying just which files/folders I can backup. When opening the dashboard and expanding "Windows (C/:) in the "Specific folder" tab, I would expect to have gotten everything that is listed under C in Windows Explorer. But, instead, I get stuff that I don't want--other than Users>username. Shouldn't I have seen a listing of files/folders that I see in Windows Explorer? Go to this site to see screen shots of my Seagate file/folder options (