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  1. Yes those are the current two options. We have spoke to some other vendors but they were pretty out of the ball park as far as pricing goes. The 3PAR seems to have a lot more features than PURE does currently (they are pretty new) but they both seem to be able to provide the performance and reliability. We actually just made the decision to go with the 3PAR today because we found out compression should be out by the end of the year (November to be exact) and they are going to guarantee the usable space to match the PURE. I haven't seen the EULA. Is it on their website?
  2. We currently have 3PAR 7200 with 10K SAS disk for VDI. We are looking to make the move to all flash to offer performance to our customers. Currently we have narrowed it down between the 3PAR 8200 with 16 1.92TB SSD and the PURE Storage /m20 array. Both have their pros and cons but here is the main differences: 3PAR has 30TB RAW PURE has 20TB RAW 3PAR will most likely be under 2:1 dedupe since they do not have compression yet PURE will guarantee 4:1 dedupe because they have deduplication and compression already Has anyone on here made the move from 3PAR to PURE or even from PURE to 3PAR? I would love to hear your experience and things you wish you had or missed from the other SAN.