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  1. @KravitzMatt @RadioFreeTom Guns & weed - we don’t need roads where we are going!

  2. RT @RadioFreeTom: Note to CNN: random guy making memes isn't the story, *the President using those memes* is. But this threat from you is n…


  4. TY @billplein for LMK about @grupofantasma 's other band @brownoutband -

  5. RT @Thomas_Drake1: Riddle me this: If one believes alleged scale of RU interference in US election, why didn't US NatSec provide the common…

  6. Insightful talk with me meaniful applications.

  7. See something, say something gone too far IMO.

  8. Found some eggs in my garden and now they are hatched & will be reared by @agbiome entomology team. We think they…

  9. RT @raundhaus: Mr. Lone Wolf coming through with that Exposure therapy

  10. RT @runnersworld: Eliud Kipchoge likes to smile during critical times of his racing. He once said it's because running is joyful. #breaking2

  11. Ag #biotech Innovation driven by self-management culture

  12. @domainawareness Be careful out there. Street justice isn't like the movies. More moving parts &

  13. RT @treeecitybeats: this new @_drozy 15 minute mix is fire! please be careful!

  14. RT @raundhaus: FRIDAY :: Cool Boy 36 Releases Spring Collection with sets from Gappa + Trandle + Mir

  15. RT @Reflog_18: United Airlines is pleased to announce new seating on all domestic flights- in addition to United First and Economy Plus we…

  16. RT @CavasShips: SHE MOVES! New aircraft #carrier #GERALD R #FORD #CVN78 minutes ago, underway for the very first time to begin sea trials.…

  17. RT @passantino: Pentagon releases photos of US cruise missile strike against Syrian airfield

  18. RT @younggalaxy: R.I.P. Ikutaro Kakehashi, Roland founder and the man who brought us the mothership of drum machines, the 808. Seen here wi…

  19. @julesinboots Always use all the systems resources - I hate seeing idle cores and unused memory! Problem isn't abo…

  20. "Research priorities for harnessing plant microbiomes in sustainable agriculture" CC @chuck_pr @JenniferRocca1

  21. #belgianshepherd Helicopter #tervuren @ Lennar Stonewater Terracotta

  22. What a milestone! #RTP startup AgBiome wins regulatory approval of its first fungicide

  23. @Squelchtone ughh.. such bad CGI for the car scene (burning rubber smoke was CG) if I recall correctly. Now I need to watch it again.

  24. I now substitute Reptilian when read/hear Republican & now their policies make more sense.