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  1. See something, say something gone too far IMO.

  2. Found some eggs in my garden and now they are hatched & will be reared by @agbiome entomology team. We think they…

  3. RT @raundhaus: Mr. Lone Wolf coming through with that Exposure therapy

  4. RT @runnersworld: Eliud Kipchoge likes to smile during critical times of his racing. He once said it's because running is joyful. #breaking2

  5. Ag #biotech Innovation driven by self-management culture

  6. @domainawareness Be careful out there. Street justice isn't like the movies. More moving parts &

  7. RT @treeecitybeats: this new @_drozy 15 minute mix is fire! please be careful!

  8. RT @raundhaus: FRIDAY :: Cool Boy 36 Releases Spring Collection with sets from Gappa + Trandle + Mir

  9. RT @Reflog_18: United Airlines is pleased to announce new seating on all domestic flights- in addition to United First and Economy Plus we…

  10. RT @CavasShips: SHE MOVES! New aircraft #carrier #GERALD R #FORD #CVN78 minutes ago, underway for the very first time to begin sea trials.…

  11. RT @passantino: Pentagon releases photos of US cruise missile strike against Syrian airfield

  12. RT @younggalaxy: R.I.P. Ikutaro Kakehashi, Roland founder and the man who brought us the mothership of drum machines, the 808. Seen here wi…

  13. @julesinboots Always use all the systems resources - I hate seeing idle cores and unused memory! Problem isn't abo…

  14. "Research priorities for harnessing plant microbiomes in sustainable agriculture" CC @chuck_pr @JenniferRocca1

  15. #belgianshepherd Helicopter #tervuren @ Lennar Stonewater Terracotta