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  1. @KendraSerra Wonderful talk TY, it invoked empathy & consideration to people/roles underserved & overlooked.

  2. Getting my day started for #Enigma2018 with a view of the supposedly the most technologically…

  3. Sabre playing w/ Mayo aka Meownaise. They are good friends - mostly

  4. RT @find_evil: #34C3 started today. Livestreams linked below. Schedule:

  5. A 1998 song based a sample from 1995 file Strange Days #TBT #90s

  6. @HeladoNegro I did not hesitate to support you via Bandcamp. You are probably one of the most transparent and acces…

  7. RT @complexsplit: you're so right, motivational trash can.

  8. RT @DefCon919: Join RTP's @DefConGroups this Sunday, Dec 10 at 4 PM Open hacking discussion and social Tech shirt swap @TraliIrishPub Morri…

  9. @billplein BP @ the HELM! Pun pun pun ;-)

  10. RT @OrbitalATK: We have received confirmation that #Cygnus has successfully completed all three @NanoRacks cubesat deployments #OA8 #Orbita…

  11. RT @find_evil: New law enforcement technique: Training dogs

  12. RT @Boris: Retweet if you had one of these! (Via @CasperHuls)

  13. Long-haired #microbes named after Canadian band Rush

  14. This Tacoma is legit #TRD #offroad