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  1. Pretty rad practical use case w/ real impact.

  2. RT @brendangregg: AWS put lots of work into optimizing Xen, including net & disk SR-IOV (direct metal access). But their new optimized KVM…

  3. RT @treeecitybeats: TOMORROW @PartyIllegal presents RHIZOME jungle/drum&bass night at @RubyDRaleigh w @DJPlayPlay and @laripley 10 PM / no…

  4. Peace is possible. Sabre & Mayo #doggo #cat #belgianshepherd #tervuren #calicocat

  5. RT @WeldPond: We need conflict-free bitcoins, ethically and sustainably mined using renewable resources from non-stolen CPU time. https://t…

  6. More legacy gear. When Netscreen was a thing! Time to ♻️ I used those 10/100 hubs as sniffers/taps for NTOP & SNORT…

  7. @Squelchtone Add network connection & you’ve got Ascenta. FB bought them & here’s some info about it

  8. RT @enigmaconf: The #enigma2018 program is up & registration is open! Peruse + register, & we'll see you in Santa Clara in January! https:/…

  9. Chekhov's reaction when finding out derelict ship is S.S. Botany Bay. #retrofilm

  10. @find_evil What breed is he? You mentioned it to me - I forgot if this is the same one we talked about. Really re…

  11. RT @macfound: .@trevorpaglen is an artist, geographer, and 2017 #MacFellow:

  12. RT @WeldPond:

  13. Sabre is all about that

  14. RT @panicartstudios: Thanks for the great review and good deep feedback! Check this out!

  15. ReRAM enabling six-million 512B IOPS below 10us latency => The Week In Review: Design