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  1. ReRAM enabling six-million 512B IOPS below 10us latency => The Week In Review: Design

  2. RT @matisaksk: The rise of #AI is sparking an international arms race. A conversation with @peterwsinger via @voxdo…

  3. #asheville #weekendgetaway @ Asheville, North Carolina

  4. RT @badthingsdaily: A hurricane engulfed a datacenter you depend on.

  5. @josephfcox Is this a Harris device? Who makes these?

  6. RT @domainawareness: #Nazi Rally coming to #Boston. #DefendBoston (Emergency: ALL OUT! Repeat: ALL OUT!) Please RT. #TakeOutTheTrash (Remem…

  7. We’ve slowly lost our sense of law, justice & civility. This does not bode will for the most sacred - liberty.

  8. My relative Casimiro Sotelo was the Nicaraguan ambassador to the Council of the Organization of…

  9. RT @JenniferRocca1: @ESAMicrobe @kenlocey @NoahFierer And @MicrobialMarie and @gibbological

  10. RT @nixcraft: I am compiling a list of dangerous Linux/Unix/Windows shell commands. Can you help? Please add such commands…

  11. Always a good experience to see, hear & listen to the NC beat makers. Also pickup up a record or two…

  12. My son introduced me to PUBG -> Meet Brendan 'Playerunknown' Greene, Creator of 'Battlegrounds'

  13. @find_evil Wow - that’s the venue of my 1st Defcon courtesy of my employer going away gift to me when I moved to RTP, NC. TY for posting!

  14. @KravitzMatt @RadioFreeTom Guns & weed - we don’t need roads where we are going!

  15. RT @RadioFreeTom: Note to CNN: random guy making memes isn't the story, *the President using those memes* is. But this threat from you is n…