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  1. #belgianshepherd Helicopter #tervuren @ Lennar Stonewater Terracotta

  2. What a milestone! #RTP startup AgBiome wins regulatory approval of its first fungicide

  3. @Squelchtone ughh.. such bad CGI for the car scene (burning rubber smoke was CG) if I recall correctly. Now I need to watch it again.

  4. I now substitute Reptilian when read/hear Republican & now their policies make more sense.

  5. RT @find_evil: Be careful when accepting those T&Cs

  6. "Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things." - Peter Drucker via @rescuetime

  7. Ouch! Cloud connected means remote wipe possible!

  8. @eliaspixel thanks for keeping the game fresh!

  9. RT @dangillmor: Liberals who condoned Obama's refusal to investigate/prosecute torturers and banksters are now keen to save the rule of law.

  10. RT @nktpnd: For reference: Here's a quick cheat sheet I whipped up on US-China aerial encounters since May 2016. #SouthChinaSea #EastChinaS…

  11. Dilla RIP - his music is incorporated into my life's soundtrack.

  12. RT @JustinWolfers: Peak Economics: @TheEconomist is selling t-shirts with a graph from one of my papers. https://t.…

  13. @calderinv this => Sega releases a treasure trove of classic video game soundtracks on Spotify via @FACTmag

  14. "...soldiers in reconnaissance units have been a favored asset in Eastern Europe, particularly in Estonia, a NATO a…