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    Help replacing hard drives in NAS

    Is there a RAID type that will allow me to have four hard drives in a NAS, of which two are 6TB, and two are 4TB, and have it set up so that I can use 10TB to save all my files to, and it copies it to the other 10TB? I couldn't find out how to arrange it in that way, using two drives as the storage capacity, and two as the backup. Synology's RAID calculator didn't seem to suggest it was possible - https://www.synology.com/en-uk/support/RAID_calculator SRAdmin, when you say use the 2-bay as a replicated copy elsewhere, how would I do that? Would I need to set up some sort of web service to copy my data from the 4-bay NAS to the 2-bay NAS? Wouldn't that be very slow, i.e., as slow as my internet connection? Any useful guides on this would be great.
  2. damianjmcgrath

    Help replacing hard drives in NAS

    Is it worth getting a 4-bay NAS (such as the DS416j) and installing all four drives (if I'm allowed to have different sizes), and then having 10TB as the main drives (a 4 and a 6), and the other 10TB as a backup, in some sort of RAID formation? If I install all 4 drives in there, can I get the data off one of the 4's and onto one of the 6's?
  3. I'm after a little bit of help. I have a 2-bay Synology NAS DS12j with two 4TB drives in them. I am now running out of space, as I've used over 7TB of the available 7.5Tb or so. There's no RAID or backup, it's setup so the two drives act as one big space. As a result, I'm looking to replace the two hard drives in the NAS with two 6TB drives, and then transfer the data from the two 4TB's to the two 6TBs, and then I'd have the two 4TBs as my fixed-in-time backup. The contents hardly ever change so I do a backup every 6 months or so. My problem now is getting the data off the two 4TBs onto the two 6TBs. I've no idea how to do it. Any ideas?