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    RAID 0 (Stripe) ARRAY Status Failed Problem

    Just had a similar problem. My partner's PC with RAID 0 storage died with MoBo failure - nothing backed up and in panic mode (partner that is not the PC!) I know of all the problems with retrieving RAID 0 data and thought I was in for the long haul in rebuilding everything and getting the data off. Mr Google came up with several options all sounding very complex and time consuming or should she send it off for commercial data recovery at huge cost? Eventually went for the ReclaiMe software mentioned earlier. I connected up the two RAID disks to spare SATA slots on a reasonably powerful PC - There weren't enough power cables so I just connected the drive power to the PSU outlets of another PC. The free software took quite a while scanning the disks and eventually came up with the array parameter - couldn't beleive it really! We were just looking to get all the data copied on to a drive that can then be used with a new system. Coupled up a 2TB external USB for this and purchased the RecleimME file standard software to save on time. It took all the array data from the free software scanned the disks and eventually rebuilt the full flle system. Left it running (2 days) in Save mode and eventually all copied across and ready for use. Amazing! Software seemed pricey but what a time saving.