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  1. I will use it for my OS, Applications and most frequently use data. SSD is on list but currently I have to choose one from above options only. They are refurbished or little used but with 1 year full replacement warranty. how much used? that would come to know after getting the deal. it is sort of super cheap deal I have to make at least one choice from my given list only. otherwise there are plenty of choices available from new. But from my list I have to choose one.
  2. Hi There Need a reply soon !! I have these choices from them to choose: specs in attachment 1- Western Digital WD1002FBYS (1TB SATA 3 Gb/s, 32MB cache RPM 7200, RE3 Enterprise Hard Drives) 2- Western Digital WD2003FYPS (2TB SATA 3 Gb/s, 64MB cache RPM IntelliPower, RE4 Green Power series Enterprise Hard Drives) 3-Hitachi HUA721010KLA330 (1TB SATA 3 Gb/s, 32MB cache RPM 7200 ,Ultrastar A7K1000, ENTERPRISE HARD DISK DRIVES) 4-Hitachi HUA722020ALA331 (2TB SATA 3 Gb/s, 32MB cache RPM 7200, Ultrastar A7K2000 BDE, ENTERPRISE HARD DISK DRIVES) Choosen selection will be used for OS and Applications and some frequently used data storage for long hours a day. With some possible power failures. In deciding I am neglecting capacity (1TB/2TB does not matter). Power consumption etc can also be neglected but I need to choose among them with fastest response and reliable. Enterprise grade series I think much better than normal desktop series but option-2 is Green Power series. Much debated for its unstated low RPM (probably 5200 or 5900 or variable 5200-7200 ). So I feel more inclined on option-1 but its cache is 32MB just half of option-2. I searched on net disk cache is not more important than spindle speed. Faster spindle 7200 is in option-1. For Hitachi HDD's I have not experienced any so far. My system is Quadcore 2.66 GHz, Asus P5QL-PRO 8GB DDR-2, Gigabyte R7 360 2GB GDDR, Coolmax 600Watt So please suggest the one with faster and reliable for my OS, Applications and most frequently use data. SSD is on list but currently I have to choose from above options only. Thanks Ultrastar_A7K1000_final_DS.pdf WD 1TB wd1002fbys specs.pdf USA7K2000_DS7K2000_OEMSpec_r1.4.pdf WD 2TB RE4-GP (WD2002FYPS) 2879-701312.pdf