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  1. No support for Windows Server 2016?
  2. johnp_

    Raid for 2.5" NVME drives

    And another one: (advertises "Flash channel RAID" support) Announcement (2016-08-04)
  3. johnp_

    Raid for 2.5" NVME drives

    Here's another one like that: tomsitpro describes how a PEX chip is used in the FSA 200 array:,2-31-5.html (software raid) : RocketStor 3830A also looks similar, but at least advertises RAID, though nothing beyond this promo: PEX chip power usage ranges from 3.5 to 23.9 Watts (typical):
  4. The HGST SN200 series is listed on the NVMe Integrator's List since March 21st. The SN100 took about half a year to be released after having been tested there, so we may see the SN200 in the coming months
  5. johnp_

    Raid for 2.5" NVME drives

    @Simple: What you want is the Broadcom PEX 9700 series (NVME/SAS/SATA Storage Controller). Unfortunately I haven't seen any news as to when it might come to market :/