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    Choosing a new SAN for an SMB

    Thanks, I will keep this in mind
  2. We got suggested an NimbleStorage CS 215 by our MSP. I also asked them to make a quote for an EMC Unity 300F(all-flash). Fast forward a few days and we receive quotes for both, prices are about the same for both models, my MSP is pushing the NimbleStorage device most likely because this is the product they have already deployed / know. Most of there arguments tend to boil down to a more modern storage architecture for the Nimble compared to the EMC Unity appliance. My question is: 1. Does the Nimble architecture really makes such a big difference compared to the 'legacy' architecture the EMC uses (exact words of the NS salesperson / MSP contact)? 2. Which array would you choose given that the cost for the Nimble hybrid array is about the same as the EMC all flash array?