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  1. Panic over.... I pulled ALL the plugs and replugged everything and now I can see ALL the drives. Thanks....
  2. I had a Marvel 8 port SATA PCIe card which is misbehaving after a couple of years so I ordered an Intel SAS2008-8i (9211-8i) 6Gbps 8 Ports HBA PCI-E SATA SAS RAID Controller Card and two sets of 4 SAS/SATA cables. The card and ONE set of cables came so I plugged them and 2 X 8Tb and one 3Tb drive in. Powered up and they ALL came up to my pleasure and joy. I'm on a Windows 10 on Asus motherboard system. Few days later I borrowed a set of 4 SAS/SATA cables and redistributed the drives. One 8Tb, one 4Tb and one 3Tb on each set of 4 SATAs. Powered up and ONLY the first set came up. The second set wasn't visible on the system. The second set of drives are warm to the touch so running!? I hasten to add, I haven't loaded any software, firmware or drivers. Initially I will be happy with JBOD. Later I will play with RAID mirrors. What do I have to do to see the 3 drives on the second set of cables? I couldn't find a User Guide or anything. I have asked the eBay seller but don't have any expectations of a reasonable reply from him!? Thanks in anticipation....