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  1. Yea it was honestly eating at me. I was using spgio cables before and tested them at work. But thank you all very much.
  2. Yes and figured it out. I don't use a enclosure with spgio .... Got a sata cable set without the spgio and the lsi is working great. The adaptech card not so much but I am working on sending it back .... Thank you very much for answering my pleas for help.
  3. Ok the time I was gone. I loaded gparted formated all the drives to make sure no header data was there and I also tested the disk and checked smart they are all in great shape and I can not seem to get the drives to show figured I got a bad raid card. I ordered a LSI 9260-8I as its got more power its an overall better card. I can not seem to get this going at all. I have 8 pairs of sff-8087 cables now (total 16). I am at whits end on this. For some more info I am leaving details of my build. I have also pulled drives from my desktop and new drives I keep for spares. Also my hot swap bay does not have a SPGIO I do not think that is needed. OS: Windows Server 2012 r2 Motherboard: Asus M4N-98TD EVO; 16gig of ram 4x WD10EDS (yes green) I wish I had some spare enterprise type drives but I cant really afford them at the moment.
  4. OK well I can not seem to get the raid controller to see any sata drive I have hooked up 8 drives all different models and manufactures and nothing i just ordered 2 monoprice cables as they came highly recommend Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  5. Hello sorry if this is a stupid question but I was referred here from a friend. I am too knowledgeable about raid cards and accessories. The story goes I had a intel raid 10 card die on me recently. I wanted to swap it out with a adaptec 6805e that supports raid but I made a stupid mistake and didn't get the kit with the cables. The intel cable types I had on the older card part number is g14989-003. I did some digging the adaptec requires SFF-8087. But the connections look the same but I understand Mini-SAS connections can have a different pin count. I just wanted to know if I can recycle the old cables. Thanks alot for reading and any information.