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  1. @CharleneTeglia a seal point too? Just how many kittens are you getting??

  2. Apparently I am not specified even to report a security issue. Groovy.

  3. When your issue tracker is so stinker that it needs Google Sheets to prop it up.

  4. Slightly old but still good.

  5. Hello, my name is Charlie. I'm a sr PHP developer for 10+ yrs, write the phpwtf blog and still write array_key_inte…

  6. @arianek the US care is excellent but the costs... the mortgage might not be enough :(

  7. @CharleneTeglia technically, Zoe is not *that* small any more :)

  8. @CharleneTeglia yeah but this one disappeared before 45th took office

  9. Behold. Horrible! Just horrible.

  10. Adding this reddit comment/thread and gives me some understanding but OMG scary.

  11. @arianek that was the mistake. I've given all I had and now it's over, nothing has remained.

  12. @CharleneTeglia you need to think of the werewolves and the vampires, too.

  13. @ksenzee but I don't care about those :( I tried. I tried since early 2015 and still come up empty handed.

  14. @stevepurkiss nah. I'd rather keep away from everything. Better not.

  15. @ksenzee @merlinofchaos even without that, Kara Sea alone is enough for all of this.