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  1. Very very preliminary sneak peek:

  2. Is this the first Dries admitted to not even wanting good code any more? I think it is.

  3. @CharleneTeglia Fun fact: scotch broom was introduced to the region on Vancouver Island. Blame the British, it works every time :P

  4. @CharleneTeglia It's really a desperate thing to do. First hand experience.

  5. I spent ten years maintaining form API with an extremely stubborn security focused mindset. If you think there's a…

  6. @greg_1_anderson Damn, if I've seen this earlier I would've released an exploit just to have something exciting. Wh…

  7. @jenreidreads @ksenzee Nice Estonian name. Apparently.

  8. I broke this with my medium post on Chromedriver because some people still helped me. I even submitted…

  9. @amye Bose QC noise cancelling headphones. Never leave home without one!

  10. @CharleneTeglia you and i both have given up on the school systems years ago and a continent apart to help our kids…

  11. And then die inside when people decide to throw you away like a dishrag and then you will learn how many people act…

  12. @CharleneTeglia Providing anything? Let's start w/ tolerance. There's an autistic developer in London who made worl…

  13. And why would anyone submit a bug when we filed then emailed all core maintainers and they…

  14. @JibranIjaz The 2.x branch of that is that doesn't mean it's feasible to run that.

  15. We just moved from workbench moderation to content moderation. I am itching to share what we learned but _no_.