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  1. @CatherineOmega I employ a vertical keyboard and a vertical mouse for this purpose. The vertical mouse is easy to g…

  2. @CharleneTeglia Vancouver has very strict quake proof code. Since early 70s, even renovations must do quake proofing.

  3. @PeterHollens Agreed! It's fantastic! I have it on loop often (yay for youtube looper extension).

  4. @arianek People try doing this and that, distributions etc and they gain zero traction. Running a project this size is a lot of work.

  5. @arianek @chx but it scales well to tens of billions of items

  6. @CharleneTeglia

  7. @greggles @ksenzee All the other kids just ran from assembly. I enjoyed it. This repeated at the metamathematics co…


  9. RT @Pinboard: Oh please. Sierpiński was a glorified carpet salesman!

  10. @CharleneTeglia don't . the movies suck. badly.

  11. RT @thomasfuchs: @garybernhardt When I moved to the US I wondered why there’s a pharmacy chain named after shitty source code management.

  12. RT @nixcraft: Retro ThinkPad: It’s Alive | Lenovo

  13. That's harsh. But then again: I have a dossier kept by the freakin' *community* working group so perhaps there's so…

  14. RT @danieljpeter: RT if you've ever typed AT commands like ATDT to control a modem

  15. @CharleneTeglia Two relevant Indiegogo fundraisers: a keyboard for the Moto Z and a Psion like device.…