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  1. RT @Yankees: 457 feet ...

  2. Jordan had Pippen. Lebron has Kyrie. Curry has NBA Officiating. Now @HPE_Storage #3PAR has @NimbleStorage. Thats how you win Championships

  3. When you're listening to an "announcement" and you realize that "sequels" are never as good as the original...…

  4. @Enterprisenxt @CalvinZito What's the future of Storage? Here's a part 1 for you: This def needs a part 2.

  5. Sooooo disappointed with @TheWalkingDead season finale! I get why you did it this way BUT I NEED CLOSURE!!! #TheWalkingDead #iamNOTneegan

  6. IDC Numbers for HPE 3PAR Storage: The Baseball Edition. Yes, that's right, the Baseball Edition. Don't Hate.…

  7. RT @CalvinZito: Less than 2 hours until today's @Spiceworks webcast talking storage with @BigStrongGeek at 11 AM EDT.…

  8. @CalvinZito @justinongisrad how long ago was that? Who is Carly? For those of us who are youthful iTunes happens to be the #1 music source.

  9. Keeping @terrellowens outta HoF says more about the pettiness of HoF voters than anything about TO's character. He's a top 3 all-time WR.

  10. RT @justinongisrad: @BigStrongGeek @mattvogt @bocanuts @Lost_Signal @jhuntervmware Literally he's gonna crush an HC380 with his bare hands

  11. RT @Saltwatertattoo: If Trump gets impeached will it air on television with Arnold Schwarzenegger saying, "You're Fired"?

  12. @Chris_Mellor Anti-HPE much? 3PAR is growing in both Flash & Metal. NA is converting their customers to WAFL+Flash BUT declining overall.

  13. Hilarious!!!

  14. That's right, I said it. HPE clean sweep. Again.

  15. @justinongisrad @TheRegister His arms are 1/2 my. Just like all other HC/SDS is 1/2 as good as Store Virtual. See what I did there? ;)