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  1. Post-workout grilled chicken. Starving. #lastmealoftheday and u know u gotta get it in.…

  2. Brian Barefield - 2 Big Dummies Sports Show 1st segment - #iTunes

  3. My turn. This is us 19 years ago today. Pretty amazing this journey we've been on together.…

  4. @Bakari_Sellers The way @bellathorne dropped @ScottDisick publicly, this might be closer than you think. (Still picking Disick tho).

  5. FINALLY!!! Mason has eaten 2 slices of pizza WITH cheese!! #ohhappyday

  6. Travel sucks but workouts have to happen. It's a must! So have to be prepared when the road…

  7. Words I live by. Either you're willing to do the work or you're not. There is no in between.…

  8. At Mount Bonnell in Austin. Scenery is just amazing. This settles it. I'm moving to Austin.

  9. @Drake @Yankees started from the bottom now they here. "I want to thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee" fan. #comeback

  10. RT @Yankees: 457 feet ...

  11. Jordan had Pippen. Lebron has Kyrie. Curry has NBA Officiating. Now @HPE_Storage #3PAR has @NimbleStorage. Thats how you win Championships

  12. When you're listening to an "announcement" and you realize that "sequels" are never as good as the original...…

  13. @Enterprisenxt @CalvinZito What's the future of Storage? Here's a part 1 for you: This def needs a part 2.

  14. Sooooo disappointed with @TheWalkingDead season finale! I get why you did it this way BUT I NEED CLOSURE!!! #TheWalkingDead #iamNOTneegan

  15. IDC Numbers for HPE 3PAR Storage: The Baseball Edition. Yes, that's right, the Baseball Edition. Don't Hate.…