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  1. Synology DS2413+ upgrade time

    I have been using Synology 2413+ for 2-3 years now and i agree that they have good support and products. I have also seen some smaller qnaps in action and heard not complaints from users. Qnaps have a great website with useful information as well as a larger products range, especially higher-end. To compare similar products i am using Synology's DS3615xs against Qnaps TVS-1282T. Yes, there is a few hundred bucks gap between the two devices but i must admit that i am favoring the newer Qnap product. Qnap: comes with 2x10gb, 2x direct HDMI, i5-6500 3.6 GHz,16 GB DDR4, SSD. Synology: 1gb, 10gb optional , Intel Core i3-4130 3.4 GHZ, 4GB DDR3 Hard to look away from those features.
  2. Synology DS2413+ upgrade time

    Mainly based on look and feel of the cases. Qnap in my opinion just feels a little more robust.
  3. Synology DS2413+ upgrade time

    Qnap TVS-1282??? Thoughts?
  4. Synology DS2413+ upgrade time

    I am not really worried about config or transferring the data. I will be upgrading all the disks so not really worried about doing the copy manually. I have a difficult choice ahead... In my view Synology is probably the best bang for buck, but in terms on build quality I think QNAP is better.
  5. Synology DS2413+ upgrade time

    Yes, I am running 2x Cisco 3560x. It has 10G uplink modules.
  6. Synology DS2413+ upgrade time

    The DS2415+ is about $1400 au and the DS3615xs is about $2200 au. Major differences besides storage capacity CPU Intel Atom C2538, 2Gb, no 10Gbe support vs Intel Core i3-4130, 4Gb, 10Gbe supported. Worth the $800 price gap or should i look else where?
  7. Synology DS2413+ upgrade time

    All good, I promise not to go FreeNAS. The DS2415+ NAS looks good but I don't see it as a major upgrade from the DS2413+, almost not worth the effort IMO. If I was to stick with Synology,I would rather spend the extra cash and perhaps jump to the DS3615xs series.. The other major put down for me is the 10GBE connectivity does not come with either unit, however, the QNAP have it built it. DTS audio is another issue but I am not sure if QNAP supports DTS either?
  8. Synology DS2413+ upgrade time

    Thanks for your response. The AS5008T does look nice, havent really seen much of Asustor in the Australian market. Originally i was thinking i would get away with a budget of $1k (US), based on my requirements i might have to double the price tag. I dont want to go as high as $3k but I guess I can work with $2k-2.5k max. It seems there is a cheaper model in the QNAP range QNAP TVS-871, perhaps that might be the best option? I work in the IT industry so not really the average home user. We stream videos to multiple devices at the same time and 1GB nic does not cut it. On the odd occasion I bring work home and spin up some VM boxes.
  9. Synology DS2413+ upgrade time

    perhaps i left the question a little broad? I have done a little more digging by comparing Thecus, Synology and Qnap. To me Qnap seems more robust/feature rich and more higher-end, compared to Synology and definitely Thecus is at the lower end of the scale. I guess what it comes down is what is the best buy between the Thecus TopTower N10850 vs Synology DS2415+ vs Qnap TVS-871T. Although i have been happy with the Synology DS2413+ over the years, i feel the little extra dough for the Qnap is worth it. I would really love to jump to the Qnap TVS-EC1080 range or perhaps Synology's DS3615xs, however, is it really worth the price? Thanks.
  10. Hey All, Apologies in advance if I haven't posted this in the right category. I have been using a Synology DS2413+ at home for a few years now and the time has come for a upgrade. The device has served me well, however, I find that it has been getting slower over time due to higher network demand and probably with the growth of data. The NAS is streaming to multiple devices in my home, primarily videos, music and work related documents. I have been looking at to higher-end/new Synology options while comparing to some Qnap products. My requirements/needs are as follow: (Working with about $1000 budget excluding drives) 1. At least 7 bay unit with 5tb-6tb drive support. 2. Prefer 4x 1GB connectivity but can live with 2 providing 10GB is available. 3. Decent proxy server, I know must people use Squid but preference is inbuilt/app. 4. Minimum 8Gb ram and decent processor. Any recommendations? Cheers, Sunny.