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  1. The most attractive jobs in New York, according to Tinder swipes: Paramount PicturesEarlier this year, Tinder... https://t.co/FQ7vX1iUan

  2. Samsung's new Galaxy Note 7 is facing shortages because of strong demand: Drew Angerer/Getty ImagesTech giant... https://t.co/jsNbZ6bJ0T

  3. Sports Court Confirms Russia Ban From Rio Paralympics: Russia is banned from the Paralympic Games as punishme... https://t.co/2VoMQsKQk7

  4. Burqas may be banned from public places in Germany: REUTERSA partial burqa ban proposal announced by official... https://t.co/z6ux9eNZCp

  5. New York Today: New York Today: Sideshow School: Monday: The Coney Island Sideshow School, the Crown Heights ... https://t.co/vpherA6efj

  6. Suicide Bombing Kills at Least 20 in Somalia: Militants struck a market in the town of Galkayo and then storm... https://t.co/WlvQhTYJuh

  7. Bombing at Wedding Kills at Least 22 in Turkey: A bomb targeting a wedding party in southeastern Turkey on Sa... https://t.co/bcR2RdjBHH

  8. Salesforce is suddenly hiring fewer people after spending nearly $4 billion buying companies this year (CRM):... https://t.co/tHCU8bM9Dr

  9. Higher back-to-school spending opens up e-commerce opportunities: Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesThis story was ... https://t.co/AHJ9PiODXn

  10. https://t.co/1mt7Kj7MIw to Shut Down Next Week: Word of the website’s closing comes after the sale of its pare... https://t.co/e7qsRwK1Wq

  11. Six Years Into Obama’s Health Care Law, Who Are the Uninsured?: There are still about 24 million American adu... https://t.co/cKrFtjXLOx

  12. Policy Puzzle: The Fed Is Searching for a New Framework. New Minutes Show It Doesn’t Have One Yet.: Has somet... https://t.co/atj2MylmUO

  13. Citigroup and AT&T are in a trademark fight over the word 'thanks': Nate Grigg/flickrWhile it's rare enough... https://t.co/Wt63I3MzfQ

  14. After training with a Navy Seal, an entrepreneur explains why everyone should have a 'f--- it list': John Lam... https://t.co/aMC7OdEUVa

  15. Ryan Lochte gave a brutally honest quote about his underappreciated career compared with Michael Phelps: Mark... https://t.co/O0ZjxkSY9T

  16. Here's how Russia escalated the dangerous game in Ukraine: Shamil Zhumatov/Reuters While Americans are distra... https://t.co/CnBiV66RKX

  17. Modern Love: How a Bird Feeder Revived My Marriage: A wife in India finds that feeding birds nourishes her re... https://t.co/st1efOk5q3

  18. OPEC just warned us about oil prices: OPEC upgraded on Wednesday its 2016 projections for world oil demand gr... https://t.co/ZWojEYukew

  19. Another Pool Turns Green, and a Chemical Imbalance Is Blamed: Olympic officials said the water had turned gre... https://t.co/ncNycNk9VM

  20. A mesmerizing look at Hawaii's river of lava flowing from a volcano that's been erupting for 33 years: La... https://t.co/fPiNZbofti

  21. Even a dolphin knows it's obnoxious to take pictures with your iPad: Imgur/Kuadiel GomezTaking pictures with ... https://t.co/dWjXqlh0f4

  22. Chinese energy has become bloated: REUTERS/StringerThis past March, I wrote about some intriguing comments fr... https://t.co/9JFIA40eEa

  23. Anti-Trump Republican Is Said to Plan Independent Presidential Bid: Evan McMullin, a former C.I.A. official a... https://t.co/ZUGyTYlXQi

  24. Michael Phelps Powers U.S. to Victory and Wins His 19th Gold Medal: Phelps won his 23rd Olympic medal over al... https://t.co/rHq6G7ip27

  25. Your Weekend Briefing: Here’s what you need to know about the week’s top stories. https://t.co/OdigLWyIdo