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  1. Here's what police would do if they want to take your urine by force: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters Q: Did it hurt w... https://t.co/DriAYmZZgk

  2. Crude oil spikes after inventories unexpectedly fall (USO, WTI, OIL, VDE): Olle Svensson/FlickrUS oil invento... https://t.co/mOOGWn8V0e

  3. Under Hawaii’s Starriest Skies, a Fight Over Sacred Ground: The effort to build the Thirty Meter Telescope ha... https://t.co/2sfTOFf6t5

  4. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's latest report card had only one bad grade (MSFT): APLike most CEOs, Microsoft c... https://t.co/4ICEViDIB3

  5. Taliban Fighters Again Enter Northern Afghan City of Kunduz: The militants, who briefly overran the city last... https://t.co/gLhyZS0VMU

  6. Donald Trump Suggests Hillary Clinton Isn’t ‘Loyal to Bill’: Mr. Trump commented on Mrs. Clinton’s marriage d... https://t.co/l6Up9FPTZQ

  7. Nationalized healthcare is not all it's cracked up to be: AP Photo/Alan DiazI’ve talked to many Canadian tour... https://t.co/MCBgx1DIFW

  8. New York Today: New York Today: Commuting After the Crash: Friday: Getting to the city, mapmaking and other w... https://t.co/OK0Q5A9Kzj

  9. 'I saved her job!' Trump lashed out at the Miss Universe contestant Clinton said he once called 'Miss Piggy':... https://t.co/dMkmSawR9e

  10. North Korean Soldier Crosses DMZ to Defect, South Says: South Korea said officials were debriefing the soldie... https://t.co/BNhIj5QJ4w

  11. 4 steps to take if you want to get poached, according to a recruiter: Official GDC/flickrAsk anyone who's rec... https://t.co/8OHCy6o5XN

  12. A baby with '3 parents' was born using a new technique — here's what that means: Thomson ReutersA baby contai... https://t.co/K8PJSvUObm

  13. 7 ways you're sabotaging your morning routine without realizing it: Flickr/Jimmy Stone What If?All of us have... https://t.co/LmWe1jZZeV

  14. 4 Dead in Shooting at Mall in Washington State, Police Say: The Cascade Mall in Burlington, about 66 miles no... https://t.co/OblgrcZcAb

  15. The 30 highest-paying jobs you can get with an associate degree: USACE HQ/FlickrDon't have the time or money ... https://t.co/fPTkzy0mYt

  16. Man Is Shot in Charlotte as Unrest Stretches to Second Night: Violence broke out in a “civilian on civilian” ... https://t.co/Ie0I2wly4A

  17. A former banker shares his top 5 tips to build wealth: ShutterstockWhen it comes to wealth building, having a... https://t.co/g3QMyFEQIB

  18. Federal Complaint Traces Ahmad Khan Rahami’s Steps Before Bombings: The complaint roughly laid out the method... https://t.co/4oFAlqK7Ew

  19. North Korea’s version of the internet has just 28 websites: ReutersNorth Korea is the most repressive, secret... https://t.co/2pMhwjSqLb

  20. G.M. and Union Avoid Strike by 3,900 Canadian Workers: The action focused on two car production lines in Onta... https://t.co/CTdS1RNV64

  21. New research shows pigeons can be taught to read — kind of: A new study has suggested that pigeons can be... https://t.co/EFusd3hrSm

  22. Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton’s Bodyguards Should Disarm to ‘See What Happens to Her’: The Republican nom... https://t.co/Tyfkv2n3x2

  23. Babies cry in the womb, and 18 other surprising facts I learned when I became a dad: Ann Price PhotographyFir... https://t.co/Wwrv8pkLQ7

  24. Here’s how science is helping intellectually impaired athletes to compete at the Paralympics: Thomson Reuters... https://t.co/BMsea6atXK

  25. A look at Bentley's $229,000 Bentayga — the most expensive SUV on the market: Bentley's $229,000 Bentayga i... https://t.co/zOw0MPPm0j