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  1. RT @vcstar: Experts find that following a healthy lifestyle and avoiding risky behaviors really can raise your life expectancy substantiall…

  2. RT @DanLindsey77: Overnight VIIRS IR image of Hurricane #Fernanda - 375 m resolution - I'm so glad this storm is far from land #beast https…

  3. RT @NASA: It was OK to touch the surface. Those are just day-to-day reminder signs. We were going to clean it anyway. It was an honor to ho…

  4. @alantwilliams @PhxPDChief Happy Belated Chief! We miss you here in #Oxnard

  5. #outofpocket

  6. RT @NBVCCalifornia: And they're here!! Welcome home VAW-113 & VAW-115!

  7. @suzyesp No gun stores in #SanFrancisco only because they can't afford the rent. #Rent #realestate

  8. RT @espn: That's cold, Kobe. Catch more @JalenRose in "Jalen vs. Everybody" tonight at 7:30 p.m. ET on ESPN.

  9. @VaderReseller @VadersStreams Is a proper replay going up soon?

  10. #toldyouso

  11. @FloydMayweather @MagicJohnson Good Luck Floyd, but you may be prehappy fellowed... Watch #Billions S02E04

  12. RT @boxing: "Tyson Fury where you at baby!" - Joshua

  13. @VaderReseller @VadersStreams Can a tech look at my account? I can't login.

  14. @UDskam Impressive!

  15. @VaderReseller @PeterSt41302296 @ashleyjphillip2 @scragster @VadersStreams When???