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  1. @PeterVecsey1 I really read this 3 times...WTH would you use that line??? Biggie has other quotes that would have…

  2. @TheEvomo Yeah, it was overkill...10+ cars chasing the suspect...

  3. @collapsereport ??? #youjackass

  4. @KNX1070 In other news, #MLK files were also released...

  5. @tarazon_ Shady people everywhere...

  6. @VadersStreams Jerky, blocky 720p playback...had to switch to IPTVSubs...

  7. @VaderReseller @VadersStreams Are we done? I had to go my chaps house to watch the Game 1 of World Series on Gears TV...

  8. @landfillsrule @IsServiceDown DNS and latency issues in 93035 since 10/21/2017.

  9. Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary

  10. Bets on a 'dangerous' trade that reminds experts of the 1987 market crash hit a new record via @themoneygame $VIX

  11. @VadersStreams Web version is up.

  12. RT @10NewsJason: Incredible video of patients being evacuated from Kaiser Hospital in #SantaRosa #NapaFire

  13. Crews knock down brush fire along Santa Clara River bottom via @vcstar

  14. RT @BaronVonClutch: [RED FLAG] Kimi Raikkonen has crashed heavily at Degner 2. #F1 #FP3 #JapaneseGP

  15. @CuntsWatching That's a big clit...oh wait...