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    One big RAID 10

    Hi Guys, So, I've sized a new SAN that will serves a vSphere Cluster. MSA 2040, 12 x 3TB SAS 7.2 LFF, since I need 18 TB as a total in addition to good performance with a resilient data-store... I will create a ob1o, so I'll get 18 TB... I have eight VMs, each one will be 1.5 TB vmdk... your opinion please...
  2. Hi all, I have this scenario, I am going to setup vSphere cluster, ESXi hosts will be connected to HP MSA 1040 via iSCSI connectivity (1 GbE). there are Databases servers that will be migrated as virtual machines into this cluster. I have read HP best practices and noticed this values of HDDs performance regarding to different protocols, I have attached the picture... My question is, regarding to Sequential Reads and Write MB/s, it is so low with "1GbE iSCSI" in comparison with 10 GbE or FC... does this issue will forms bad impact on Databases performance (Oracle and MS SQL Server)?? thank you in advanced...
  3. Hi Guys, I am a new to Storage World.. I am obligated to set design for new SAN (HP MSA 1040 g4, this SAN consists of 24 Disks) that will serves for VMware virtualization environment... I am going to divide the 24 HDDs as following: all the Disks will be 1.8 TB, 10K, 2.5-inch 3 x LUNs RAID 5 (consists of 4 Disks) so each LUN size will be 5.4 TB, these LUNs will be for silver workload... 2 x LUNs RAID 10 (consists of 4 Disks) so each LUNs size will be 3.6 TB, these two LUNs for golden workload (Databases and Critical business Virtual Machines)... . the remaining Disks (4 Disks) will be as Hot Spare... . I need your opinion... Thank you in advanced