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    WD20NPVX vs. ST2000LM003

    As I know there isn't any Black version (internal/portable) in 2 Tb 2,5". Anyway I am searching for an internal one. It's okay, best would be to keep data at least on two drives, two places. But at the moment if I could buy one HDD which is better? :-) Are you sure it's equally reliable? WD is a little bit more expensive, does it mean anything or not?! Thanks! ;-)
  2. Dear StorageReview Team! I’d need your help and advice. I’d like to buy a 2,5 inches 2Tb HDD as a storage drive. The most important thing for me is reliability. There are two HDDs which could be good for me but I don’t know which would be the better (reliable)? WD „Blue” WD20NPVX or Seagate-Samsung ST2000LM003? I know WD is 15 mm but it’s not interesting for me. My problem is that is WD HDD is not real Blue as I know it’s Green in fact which are not the best drives. :-S On the other I hand I had quite a lot bad experience with Seagate also. So in your opinion which could be the better choice if I need a reliable(!!!) storage drive? :-) Or maybe other suggestion? Thanks a lot for your help in advance! Best regards, Dave