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  1. I don't really have a need for sharing with multiple computers beyond very occasionally (i.e., less than monthly). Also, I think I would get more mileage out of something with higher throughput. I'm starting to think that I might need to consider getting higher-capacity drives to put in a new 4-drive enclosure built as RAID 10. I could use that as my primary storage and use the 5-drive setup as my first-level backup. I'm not yet sure what configuration I should use for that. Maybe keep that as RAID 5.
  2. What I have now: 5-drive RAID 5 array connected by Thunderbolt, using 2TB drives, with just over half of the 8TB used 1-drive, 2TB backup drive backing up the most critical data Online backup backing everything 2 or 3 additional (currently spare) 2TB drives What I'd like to do is have a local backup that captures everything. I am thinking of getting another Thunderbolt external enclosure but haven't decided if I want/need a 4- or 5-drive setup. Given the concerns with RAID 5, I am considering other setups such as RAID 10 or JBOD. The problem I see is that a 4-drive RAID 10 won't give me enough space for a complete local backup of the data I'm already using, let alone allow for any growth. I would also like to utilize the drives I have already, rather than buying new ones at this time. I don't have the budget for an 8-drive enclosure, so that rules out an 8-drive RAID 10 setup. I'm thinking I could add a 4-drive JBOD or RAID 0 using the drive from my current local backup plus my spares on-hand and have that be my primary storage while the 5-drive RAID 5 becomes the local backup. If this was your setup, what other enclosure would you get, and how would you configure it? Which would you have be the primary? Would you reconfigure the RAID 5?