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    Toshiba X300

    The 4TB units I would be looking at $130 for (they go up and down in price between $130-$150). At $130 that would save me almost $70 per drive over grabbing more WD Black drives. From what I HAVE read of them, they are excellent drives and quiet at that, but I don't know much about Toshiba's drives, which presents a slight problem on my part. My WD Blacks (2x 500GB, 2x 640GB, 2x 1TB, 2x 2TB) over the years have been problem-free and I was hoping to move to the X300 drives without issue in regards to needing to worry about reliability.
  2. sobe

    Toshiba X300

    I'm looking at picking up 2x Toshiba X300 4TB drives here soon to be thrown in a rig to replace 2x WD Black 2TB drives, one used primarily for games/apps and the other for general data(movies, music, etc.). Is there any information on how these drives have been holding up? Are they quieter than HGST Desktar/Deskstar NAS drives?