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  1. they definitely aren’t selling any to me; at least not until they get something new out the door… https://t.co/dpbdHP3RgI

  2. This makes me super happy. ❤️@OmniGraffle https://t.co/P3ToxN2OJo

  3. If Apple would have left ONE USB3 port. just one…

  4. The Uniburnie hates green cards... #rtpodcast cc @bdunkelman @burnie https://t.co/dASkGT97oy

  5. RT @PoliticusSarah: Mike Pence Used Taxpayer Money To Pay For His Fake Walk Out Of An NFL Game https://t.co/en2pG7954J https://t.co/5H079NV…

  6. But some Marshall voters said they were turned off by Roem’s gender. “She’s never had menstrual cramps, and … https://t.co/RvemCiBINz

  7. RT @AshaRangappa_: As Director, Robert Mueller began the practice of sending every new agent class @FBI to the Holocaust Museum to understa…

  8. RT @MuslimIQ: A white supremacist DM'd me claiming Islam is violent & taunted me to show "where's the Christian version of Isis?" This was…

  9. Really hate the @youtube app and its happy fellow-all-apple-APIs approach to, well, everything.

  10. @AirborneGeek I grew up 15 mins from Patriot. You are not wrong though.

  11. wow. there is an inefficiency here that i wouldn’t think would be tolerable during the holiday season. https://t.co/GH2TiwxW4s

  12. Who in the hell writes these? Better question: Who in the hell is gullible enough to respond to them to make it wo… https://t.co/vk1JoRnNPt

  13. @jordansissel I bought a couple of dollar store sets that had one and a basting brush (also useful for wood glue)

  14. @AirborneGeek we both know this person. And you can probably guess who if you remember the lab admins circa 2008-09

  15. @JamesGunn @WhitfordBradley @SenJohnMcCain @TGowdySC @LindseyGrahamSC @SpeakerRyan @JeffFlake what jamie gunn said.… https://t.co/phn9WTLpCY

  16. @PagerDutyHelp I Can’t DM if you’re not following me

  17. Just installed our new @ecobee thermostat. I am loving the experience so far.

  18. so is there actually a decent documentation site for #ElasticSearch that has the actual valid API endpoints, along… https://t.co/oFnpjxlsOK

  19. @Nick_Craver @GABeech @clipperhouse probably going to eventually get a 7 here, but definitely not rewarding the mediocrity with a preorder

  20. Oh snap! https://t.co/ZhFYgB8ZJw

  21. it was fast, easy, and pleasant to cancel our progressive insurance (switching carriers) i felt bad doing it. no seriously.

  22. @jilltwiss @LastWeekTonight instant purchase. thank you so much for letting me do something, even small, to piss… https://t.co/eSaFetRigW

  23. @marcoarment @siracusa thoughts on the Sony a5100 for somebody who can’t afford to drop more than $500 on a camera?

  24. RT @SethMacFarlane: A-happy fellowing-men. https://t.co/cC4uLXrWkn