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  1. . @ecobee he is not wrong. https://t.co/WJQLzn9HG1

  2. . @GilbyRanger This looks like one of those forced perspective shots from the LOTR/Hobbit movies… #RoosterTeeth #ThePatch

  3. “I am too ignorant to read the article and see what they were convicted of” — FTFY. https://t.co/faeQ6H4a7y

  4. “Winter is coming. I told you so.” -- @GeorgeRRMartin_

  5. @AirborneGeek I grew up 15 mins from Patriot. You are not wrong though.

  6. @AirborneGeek More like waste gunners. *crickets*

  7. @AirborneGeek we both know this person. And you can probably guess who if you remember the lab admins circa 2008-09

  8. @amymasson and yet there still would not have been anybody accusing them of being paid

  9. @amymasson there would have to be zombies or cannibals involved for me to run that far.

  10. @AnneRen5 Character death on Game of Thrones…

  11. @AshleyJ oh man does it get good. Hoping it doesn’t jump the shark this year with what’s coming.

  12. @BMBeeler @storagereview @TestLabNut @DellEMCServers @DellEMCStorage I’m digging what I am seeing about the 5020; w… https://t.co/e7SGOrzvkM

  13. @bob_burrough @marcoarment lolz 1) were that the case nothing would get done, anywhere 2) were that the case, Appl… https://t.co/x6aqLLv64f

  14. @caseyliss @marcoarment any suggestions for apps to track baby-stuff (feedings, diapers, etc)? Been a bit I recognize…

  15. @caseyliss if its not hostile to users because its a money grab or about control, then what’s the X factor making it hostile?

  16. @chrismckee @Nick_Craver truth

  17. @clattner_llvm good to know; Apple has been doing a pretty good job of making themselves look bad lately without outside help.

  18. @dayoneapp we are back to prompting for location services approval everytime the quick entry sheet pops up…

  19. @donmelton Perhaps. But I would rather her be a little nutty than us be on a path to a second civil war.

  20. @donttrythis @nchan @willsmith Try as I might I cannot find that script…do you guys have a link you can share? (2/2)

  21. @DougMasson me either. I’m way behind.

  22. @DougMasson my wife asks why it can’t be like handicap placards for your car. You can tow somebody for parking in a handicap spot with one.

  23. @eck79 Damn. We can’t wait that long. Our windows server is on the fritz and needing rebooted multiple times a day.