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  1. Well played @SlackHQ. Well played. https://t.co/zWfl1oKBNP

  2. whoever this company is, they can go straight to hell. https://t.co/ye1KJozsgw

  3. RT @thegeekzweb: Did you miss this? Verizon creates new $10 monthly charge to remove video #throttling | Ars Technica $10 ad https://t.co/f…

  4. RT @PreetBharara: What if Jeff Bezos bought Twitter with the change in his pocket and shut Trump's account?

  5. RT @GABeech: Well, I'm sure this won't break anything https://t.co/nOreijQijS

  6. RT @AndrewWrites: It’s just a *little* hard to get pumped about a $300 iPad and a $100 stylus when so many teachers need to bring pencils a…

  7. jesus. these are some wholly damning comments from those who are some of Apple’s staunchest supporters. Is Apple… https://t.co/zmy16Mj4Zg

  8. @ngDesk What’s the catch? I have to know how a company is making money, and if you’re not selling a product it make… https://t.co/qK0BuVdglb

  9. RT @Travon: Imagine being able to say you're not a terrorist after committing multiple acts of terrorism and the police going "I guess we'l…

  10. @bob_burrough @marcoarment lolz 1) were that the case nothing would get done, anywhere 2) were that the case, Appl… https://t.co/x6aqLLv64f

  11. @jilltwiss @LastWeekTonight instant purchase. thank you so much for letting me do something, even small, to piss… https://t.co/eSaFetRigW

  12. @JamesGunn @WhitfordBradley @SenJohnMcCain @TGowdySC @LindseyGrahamSC @SpeakerRyan @JeffFlake what jamie gunn said.… https://t.co/phn9WTLpCY

  13. can someone at #apple please fix this god damned progress bar? making whatever takes it so bloody effing long woul… https://t.co/CmWwyOvX0N

  14. i’m a little disappointed @caseyliss didn’t catch @marcoarment’s Eve6 reference. thought every male born between ‘8… https://t.co/dNXda4RHlD

  15. RT @sorola: I fired my first gun at five years old. I was gifted my first gun for my ninth birthday. I own multiple firearms. The NRA does…

  16. ios 11.4 feature request: setting to send all calls from numbers NOT in my address book directly to voicemail.

  17. everybody in our family is getting a gift card to Dick’s this year. https://t.co/HjkeKPxCNH

  18. RT @Hertz: We have notified the NRA that we are ending the NRA’s rental car discount program with Hertz.

  19. RT @sdw: US: I wonder how we can get rid of this issue where people shoot up schools World that has no such issues: less guns US: Perhaps…

  20. bingo: if sidearms were so effective our soldiers wouldn’t carry assault rifles. much like empathy, many conservati… https://t.co/BsyNNatsYX

  21. RT @creature_dan: @realDonaldTrump This doesn’t look great, does it, Donny boy? https://t.co/FE7vVjZLSA

  22. RT @adelepeterson: Looking for some exceptional people to work with my team on the Mail app. Let me know if you or someone you know is inte…

  23. @GABeech @StackOverflow whoa! good luck man!

  24. black people riot when one of their youths is killed by law enforcement in cold blood without cause. white folks ra… https://t.co/LDhA99xxr0

  25. RT @AshaRangappa_: As Director, Robert Mueller began the practice of sending every new agent class @FBI to the Holocaust Museum to understa…