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  1. This bugs me with city state and zip too. Zip code lookups should be dirt simple by now. https://t.co/jhB1qGYFo3

  2. Fantastic. https://t.co/jIbMCUDQym

  3. RT @jk_rowling: So Sarkozy calls the burkini a 'provocation.' Whether women cover or uncover their bodies, seems we're always, always 'aski…

  4. @marcoarment @siracusa thoughts on the Sony a5100 for somebody who can’t afford to drop more than $500 on a camera?

  5. Just installed our new @ecobee thermostat. I am loving the experience so far.

  6. The Uniburnie hates green cards... #rtpodcast cc @bdunkelman @burnie https://t.co/dASkGT97oy

  7. I miss this show...I lose it every time, I see this clip... #fb https://t.co/XYpdtAMnkR

  8. This. https://t.co/lL2UwuYlsu

  9. RT @FunnelFiasco: THIS IS NOT OKAY, JUDGE ESTES. THIS IS NOT happy fellowING OKAY AT ALL. https://t.co/CF24QQlOp8

  10. RT @Nick_Craver: Okay…I didn’t see that coming. https://t.co/hibcJgYZLJ

  11. RT @Nick_Craver: PSA: Netflix now hosts a free, downstream-only speed test using their servers at https://t.co/f5tznYz1aw

  12. . @GilbyRanger This looks like one of those forced perspective shots from the LOTR/Hobbit movies… #RoosterTeeth #ThePatch

  13. RT @Nick_Craver: Oh hey, this is public: local Stack Overflow installs are a thing we do now. https://t.co/hxySCDjrUW

  14. @AshleyJ oh man does it get good. Hoping it doesn’t jump the shark this year with what’s coming.

  15. @amymasson there would have to be zombies or cannibals involved for me to run that far.

  16. @tonyarnold got the same response.

  17. If you thought Microsoft was horrible at naming things, let me introduce you to @vmware.

  18. Well stinker. That is a downer. https://t.co/t2EpcCMHXV

  19. As somebody who was lucky to develop the balance needed for walking (and only tentatively maintains that ability) Olympic gymnasts amaze me.

  20. I say again, nothing will be better for Apple’s hardware and design language and trajectory than Ive’s departure. https://t.co/PgR9ONN0r4

  21. @PagerDutyHelp I Can’t DM if you’re not following me

  22. This makes me super happy. ❤️@OmniGraffle https://t.co/P3ToxN2OJo

  23. RT @Lost_Signal: https://t.co/cjsh3vxlPm Is using an invalid cert @DellCares https://t.co/FM9BvOALoe

  24. @DougMasson me either. I’m way behind.