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  1. RT @ThePracticalDev: Datacenter Scale https://t.co/jqthJzOwWW https://t.co/74H99DcDxm

  2. Oh now that is handy, read receipts is now a per conversation setting.

  3. @jdfwarrior @Nick_Craver they roll into town and decimate the existing service(s). But each town is a huge investment.

  4. happy fellow wheaties. coffee, yogurt, and ruby make the breakfast of champions.

  5. @willsmith first they ruin her in Halo. Then they ruin her name. Halo 6 will see her time travel to the 20th century to be a decrepit AI.

  6. @Nick_Craver if we ever do build one ourselves, i pity our GC. I’ll be the asshole walking the site every night and making lists.

  7. Short answer? Yes. https://t.co/oEjMFTD6WX

  8. @siracusa reduce motion should eliminate 3D animation. Perspective changes, etc. Not 2D drawing animation.

  9. . @ecobee he is not wrong. https://t.co/WJQLzn9HG1

  10. ODST and Reach remain two of my favorite games / stories of all time. https://t.co/jqebyStrbN

  11. This was probably the single biggest complaint I had when I was a Blackberry user. https://t.co/SXMsVQGsB9

  12. @chrismckee @Nick_Craver truth

  13. @Nick_Craver we can’t all be as lucky to work at @StackExchange :(

  14. @caseyliss if its not hostile to users because its a money grab or about control, then what’s the X factor making it hostile?

  15. RT @openculture: Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury imagines a Trump candidacy back in 1999. And nails it. You're sheep!” https://t.co/XQUg9pvss8

  16. @Nick_Craver @GABeech @clipperhouse probably going to eventually get a 7 here, but definitely not rewarding the mediocrity with a preorder

  17. Really hate the @youtube app and its happy fellow-all-apple-APIs approach to, well, everything.

  18. And people wonder why Mac geeks are worried about the Mac... https://t.co/vLDXpoyku6

  19. Yeah…I can’t argue with this. Especially the September event. https://t.co/2HNac2DmUm

  20. Meanwhile, Trump would have launched nukes… https://t.co/Ycq197voNQ

  21. RT @ThePracticalDev: If only we were serverless™! https://t.co/jsiiKzWYl4

  22. RT @jk_rowling: I was training as a teacher, bringing up a kid alone & writing Potter by night and the likes of you called me lazy. https:/…

  23. @FunnelFiasco enjoy it :( I would do hardware every day if it paid the bills. :(

  24. Stranger Things is like a PG-13 version of Eureka.